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Re: [DestinyOutlaws] Re: Talks and Chaos (Billy, Kristal, Casey)

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    Discomfort crept through Kristal, as the young sheriff s eyes remained on her. It was making her edgy and her horse stomped his feet sensing her unease. She
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 28, 2011
      Discomfort crept through Kristal, as the young sheriff's eyes remained on her. It was making her edgy and her horse stomped his feet sensing her unease. She gently patted the black as midnight horse, while never taking her eyes off of the brown haired, blue eyed boy. Even from this distance, she could almost see the turmoil running through the young man, and she quickly got the hint that the turmoil was because of her. Had she killed someone in his family? Robbed him at one point? Maybe harmed a lover? It was no secret that Kristal killed women just as easily as a man... though most of those women tended to be whores or saloon girls. Honestly, for the life of her, she could not place the young sheriff before her. When he spoke up, Kristal's eyes narrowed. "No?" She questioned her hand slowly reaching for the gun at her waist.

      Confusion quickly distorted the wariness she had previously on her face. Kristal blinked a couple time and then looked to her left and right wondering if there was someone else this boy could be referring to. Seeing no one other than Billy and Danny, Kristal frowned. "Look, lad... I suggest ya quit this nonsense an' see to the saloon... 'fore someone gets themselves killed." Her words had a double meaning, and she hoped he got it. She didn't know what he was talking about. Abandoned? Dead? Last she looked she was very much alive. Perhaps she looked like someone else he knew. That had to be it. The sheriff needed his eyes checked.

      Hearing Billy, she glanced at him and nodded in agreement. She too, thought the boy lucky not to have been shot. Her right hand man, Danny, already had his hand over his gun, she knew this well enough. "Darlin'... " She began but stopped when he growled at Billy. A smirk lit the corner of her mouth and she arched an eyebrow in amusement. "Kid's got spunk, that's fer damn sure..." Her gaze went back to the sheriff and she sighed still not comprehending. "Look, darlin'... I'm sorry yer havin' family problems... but I really couldn't care less. See ya 'round... or not" She nodded in his direction and urged Midnight forward.

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