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Re: Talks and Chaos - Joint Post - Kristal & Billy

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  • Ashleigh
    ... whiskey flew towards her and she moved her head out of the way only to hear it crash against the wall behind her. Kristal was unamused at the goings on. It
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 11, 2011

      >>Kristal shrugged and eyed the chaos from behind Billy. A bottle of whiskey flew towards her and she moved her head out of the way only to hear it crash against the wall behind her. Kristal was unamused at the goings on. It was making their transaction a little more... difficult, especially when it was growing harder to hear the blonde man across from her. "I'm not the only one that's 'got balls', from what I understand. Especially after that confidant claim. Hopefully, yer confidence pays off... " She stopped as few more bottles sailed over her head. Her eyes slid back to Billy as he pulled out the makings for a cigarette and rolled her eyes. She wasn't a smoker herself. Kris had never felt the need to smoke anything... to her it was just a wasteful habit.


      "Well, it has before in the past," he purred.  On that note, he finished rolling the cigaretted, having taken his dear sweet time, and struck a match to light the tip of it.  "Can't say what kinda good it'll do in this situation, but we'll see." The chaos was becoming nearly uncontrollable; tables were being over turned, bottles were being thrown, and guns were being drawn.  Sighing his irritation at the interuption, the Kid rolled his eyes and removed his feet from the table, ducking as a bottle whizzed passed his head and smashed into the wall behind them. 


      "Where the hell's the sheriff when you need him?!" Billy complained, looking on as the spat continued to progress, then he nodded toward Kristal when she mentioned getting out of there.  Good idea.  If shit was gonna hit the fan, be best if they skinned out, rather than find themselves involved with the law or some other sticky situation involving gun play.   With the other two already heading for the door, Billy stood, tucking away his tobacco materials and taking a last drag off of his cigarette before following suit.  


      Meanwhile across town....


      "Sheriff, sheriff!" Young Tommy Hennessey came racing down the street, his chest heaving, oxygen burning his lungs as if he were inhaling fire.  He'd run nearly all the way across town; in 90 degree weather, no less, after hearing the ruckus in the saloon -- on his way back to the Livery stable.  "There's a fight in the saloon, sheriff Starr!"


      "Fight ya say?" Casey asked, looking up from his rocking chair out on the front porch, when the boy come up nearly breathless and looking a fright.  Frowning, he immediately looked in the direction of the Saloon and his eyes instantly narrowed.  Damnit, looked he was gonna have to go bust some asses.  Couldn't people just stop doing stupid shit, for one day?  Apparently not.  "What's it over this time?" he asked.  And then he stood, checking his pistols to make sure they were loaded before lumbering down the stairs and onto the street.


      "I don't know, sir," he said, shrugging. "I just heard all the ruckus and yellin'; I ran straight here!"  His eyes were still wild with fright.  Still, he was falling in step behind Casey, as if he meant to follow.   Which was not going to happen.  Casey threw up his hand immediately, without even turning in the boy's direction. "You aint goin.  You're stayin.  I aint got time to deal with ya; now get on back to your chores." He told the boy, rather annoyed, as he started off in the direction of the saloon.  


      Little Tommy was still padding behind him. "I said git home, boy!" Casey yelled, waving a furiously annoyed hand at him.  If he continued, he'd peg him with a rock.  But, apparently, the boy got the hint, because he backed off and took off in the opposite direction.  


      When he reached the Saloon, he caught movement in the corner of his eye and glanced toward a few patrons mounting their horses.  One of those patrons was....


      Nah, it couldn't be, he mentally reasoned with himself, blinking in disbelief as he stood there at the first step of the Saloon and stared at the blonde woman's back.  That was -- at least it looked like... Kristal? She was gone.  Dead.  Least, that'd been the verdict when the law had gone out and serveyed the damage.  Everything was gone; his sister included.  Something inside of him yearned to speak to her, but all he managed was a dry swallow.   She was right there; alive and well.  Why hadn't she ever come looking for him?  


      "........Can you believe the lax in law in this town?"  Billy huffed, rolling his eyes. "Hell, if I'd known it was this easy to control -- I'd done taken over the place myself.  Don't look like it'd take more than a few...."  His words cut off there upon catching sight of the boy watching them.  Kid looked no older than twenty, give or take a couple of years.  Then his eyes darted to the sheriff's badge. "Bout time you showed up!  What the hell you starin at?! Get in there and stop your trouble!"  he commanded, waving the boy off as he swung himself up into the saddle. 

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