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8[DestinyOutlaws] Eight Years Into the Future

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  • Sum
    May 23, 2011
      A lone rider rode into the town of Dead Water. He was on a tired horse that desperately needed rest. The man himself, looked like he needed a good bath and a long rest, but he knew he couldn't stop or it could mean his death. He had already nearly died from Indians and Outlaws alike, thanks to the quest he had been put on. Sure, he was a good scout, but this had been practically a suicide mission. He would have a bone to pick with his boss that was for sure.

      As he rode through town, his eyes scanned every inch of the streets. No one was trustworthy here. This was a lawless town, and anyone could stab you in the back. Though if anyone did, they would have their ass handed to them by his boss. He made his way past the mercantile, that sold stolen goods, and a couple hotels where he would probably end up once he delivered his information. And hopefully with a lovely girl on his arm too. The thought made him quicken his pace to the nicest saloon in the town. 

      Reaching his destination, he tied his horse up at the hitching post glad there was water in the trough next to it for his mare. He entered the saloon and was quickly assaulted by a man in a long duster coat. He was thrown against the wall with a knife to his neck. "Do you have it?" He was asked and he barely nodded for fear his throat would be slit. "Good." He was led to a table in the back away from the other patrons where a person all dressed in black was slowly twirling a knife between their fingers. It was his boss. He couldn't see his bosses face due to the black stetson on his bosses head. The man that had thrown him against the wall leaned down and whispered into his bosses ear, and he froze as the twirling knife stopped. His boss had a reputation with those knives. He watched as the black stetson lifted and deep green eyes bore into his brown ones. He couldn't help but stare. His boss was a woman... and this woman was Kristal Starr. There was a rumor that she was the daughter of Belle Starr, but even she didn't know for sure. She was lovely as women go, honey blonde hair, tan, nice lips, and those piercing green eyes... but she was hardly a woman to get "close" to. Nobody thought of her as feminine. 

      "Well? Did you find him?" Kristal asked.

      He swallowed. "Yes Ma'am." He watched as her expression went cold and the man in duster shook his head. "Sorry... er... Miss Starr...?" He tried. If it were any more possible, her eyes went even colder.

      "Kris is fine." She stated simply. "Now tell me what ya found out."

      He swallowed again and relayed what he found. "They're in a valley. Holed up in a small cabin. The Dead River runs near it. There's a small barn to the right of. They got people guarding the cabin all over. I was almost found several times... and they're good at remaining quiet and hidden."

      "And was he in there? Are ya sure the Rattle Snake was in there?" She hissed at him.

      "Yes... Ma'am... I mean Kris. I saw him come out ta smoke. It was him. He got that tattoo of the rattlesnake on his arm. I swear." He spouted and then added. "There were about 15 men that I could count. Not sure if there were more, but that's what I saw. Mostly renegade injuns... They all had weapons... mostly rifles... few had bows and arrows."

      He watched as Kristal sat back and started twirling the knife between her fingers again. There were scars on her fingers, probably from before she had become a pro at twirling that knife. She was thinking and he breathed a little easier for the time being. Although he sat there for what seemed an hour before she looked his way again.

      "Ya can go rest... here's yer pay. I'll let ya know when yer needed again." With that he left a happy man.

      However, Kristal stayed behind and watched him go. He was a good scout and gave her some useful information. Now if only she could get the information she longed for. The emptiness in her memory. She had bits and pieces here and there, but it wasn't good enough. People had claimed that she was the daughter of Belle Starr, but she didn't know for sure.  All she really knew was her name, and that Rattle Snake Jake killed her mother. However, she had found out that her horses name was Midnight and that she was an outlaw... a rather good one too, if she said so herself. Hopefully this Jake Monroe man, will know more about her... and to get the information she wanted she would threaten the man until he died if it came to that...

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