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  • Sum
    Sep 9, 2009
      OOC: This will be the last post of the intro... my next post will be the start of the RPG. :) Hope you liked it so far.

      IC: The young woman was left there with the barn burning around her. Belle's screams rang out for a few minutes until the outlaws left and then it died away. Slowly Kristal woke to find herself in a burning barn, but with no memory on how she got there. Her head ached painfully and she almost grew unconscious once again. However, she knew she needed to get out of the barn or she was going to die. Hearing horses scream with fear, Kristal forced herself to get to her feet. Debris from the barn was falling down around her. Making her way to the back, to where she had heard the horses, she found three horses in the stalls, one as black as midnight. Releasing two of the horses, Kristal nearly collapsed. The smoke inside the barn was thick and it was so very hot.

      The midnight black horse whinnied something awful, which forced Kristal to move once again. To her surprise, this horse was already saddled. "Who did that?" She asked with a frown, not remembering a thing. Releasing the latch on the stable door, she pushed it aside to let the horse out. This one didn't run off though. Coughing, she looked up at the horse wondering what the hell it wanted. She could tell it was frantic, the white in it's eyes was obvious sign of that. The horse nipped her shirt and she frowned. "I don't understand..." she rasped. This time the horse nudged her. Some sort of dawning flashed across her face. "Do ya want me... ta get... on? I don't think I know... how... ta ride..." The horse neighed and nodded his head as if it understood her. "This is crazy... I'm talkin' to a bloody horse." More debris fell around her and she jumped when one fell inches from behind. "Ok..." She mumbled and began coughing again.

      Approaching the horse, Kristal slowly mounted. She barely gripped the saddle horn before the horse took off. It was all she could do to stay on the horse... and it was all she could do to stay conscious as the horse raced out of the burning barn, away from the burning house and up top a hill with a large oak tree and swing. At that  point Kristal slid to the ground and watched as the flames licked the two buildings. "Who lived there... me? God, why can't I remember a damned thing!?" She sat beneath the oak tree and watched the fire burn as the horse grazed near her with minor burns. Soon she fell asleep her head still throbbing something awful.

      "Kristal! Kris! Wake up! God... Kris... I'm dying here... wake up!" Jolted awake, Kristal had a knife in hand and at the mans throat without even realizing what she had done. "Kristal... I'm yer frien'... please don'... don' kill me." Kristal looked at the man and quickly put her knife down. "Who... are you?" She asked warily. The man looked at her with surprise in his brown eyes. "You don't know... me?" He then broke into a coughing fit. "Kristal it's me Felipe... I worked on the horses..." He began coughing again, this time coughing up blood. "You know me? You keep calling me Kristal, is that m' name?" The Mexican frowned, here he was bleeding to death and hoping Kristal would help him and she didn't know who she was. "Dios Mio... Yes Kristal, yer name be Kristal Starr." More coughing. "An' yer Ma... she die in the fire... burned alive she was. Looks like they got to ya too..." He pointed to her chest and she looked down surprised. It didn't even hurt... well not really. The Mexican then went on. "I'm surprise you haven't gone all avenging on me yet." And more coughing with more blood.

      Kristal looked down at the smoldering pile of ash. Most of the house had collapsed in on itself. Her mother had been in that house. She had been burned alive. Anger began to burn in her for some reason, but she didn't feel much. She didn't remember this mother. "Who... Why, would I avenge her? I don't understand..." The Mexican rolled his eyes. "Damn Kris... ya musta been hit in the head pretty hard. Ya see those knives... gun... yer Ma gave 'em to ya... ya know how ta... use... 'em... too. Very well. Yer an outlaw. Ya steal from people, kill people... who try an' hurt yer family an' yer self... Yer... yer damn good at it too." Again with the coughing and spitting up blood. Now the Mexican began to rasp. It was growing difficult to breathe. He knew that bloody renegade had pierced his lung... but hoped he wouldn't die... "Dios Mio..." He mumbled. "The man that killed yer Ma... goes by the name o'... Jake Monroe... also known as Rattle Snake Jake on the account he's been bit by the reptiles... and lived. His posse... came and murdered yer Ma... tried ta kill you I'm guessin'... murdered all o' yer ma's men... well them that wasn't able ta get away... at least..." He took a deep yet strained breath and then tried to continue. "It's only a good... good thing... yer little..." He began coughing again, blood spilling out from his mouth. Kristal scootched back not wanting to be covered in blood. The young woman waited for the Mexican to finish what he was saying... but he never did. He collapsed to the ground dead.

      A frown appeared on her face. This man and his men killed her ma and burned her home... but she didn't even have the name of her mother. What was her mother's name? And what was a good thing? All she had to go on was the fact that she would seek vengeance on the man for destroying her home and murdering her mother. Was that what Kristal Starr would do if she had her memory? What if it was this Jake Monroe who had caused her to have lost her memory? Did she have any other family? The stench of the dead Mexican made her want to vomit. She needed to get away from him. Turning to the black horse, she frowned. She should have asked if this horse was hers. Kristal slowly got up and rummaged through the saddle bags. There was a small stash of money. A book. Some utensils for being on the road. Looking over the saddle she found her name engraved on the saddle. "Well... ya must be mine... but what's yer name Blackie?" She asked. The horse shook his head and snorted. "Well, that must not be it... I guess I'll have to keep trying."

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