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  • Sum
    Sep 3, 2009
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      The fighting began and it was brutal.  Many of Belle's men fell within the first few seconds of the gunfight.Belle herself fought gallantly, bringing down quite a few of the outlaws and renegades, but it wasn't enough. In the end Belle was captured. As she was brought to the ground, her gaze turned to the barn. One of the men noticed and sent a few men Kristal's way.

      Kristal, who had had climbed up to the hayloft, had watched everything through a small cut in the barn wall. Seeing Belle fall, Kristal pulled out her gun letting her angry temper start to control her. She was not about to lose her Ma! Her green eyes narrowed as the men approached the barn and she moved to the edge of the hayloft. When one of the men came into view below her, Kristal jumped down and landed on top of them. Both fell to the floor scrambling to get the upper hand. Being the youngest and more lithe than the larger man on top of her, Kristal managed to get her gun cocked and pulled the trigger before the man knew what was going on. The bullet lodged itself deep in the man's skull, ending his life.

      However, the other man managed to regain his footing and lunged at the young girl taking her off guard. Kristal went down, a pile of hay softening her fall. The man then jumped on top of her a knife gleaming in the light from the window above. The smell of smoke suddenly drifted to her nostrils and Kris frowned and glanced back at the open barn door, which ended up being a big mistake. The man brought his knife down and if she hadn't turned just in time, she would have been killed. As it were, her collar bone was slashed from her right shoulder to just above her left breast. Her shirt was cut and her chest burned and seared with pain. Hissing and biting her lip to keep from making any noise, she turned her attention back to the man. His knife slashed in front of her, but Kristal managed to kick the man and crawl away. Free of the hay and the man, she stood up and faced him.

      A scream pierced the air then and Kristal gasped. It had sounded like Belle! Forgetting the man, she raced to the open door to see her ma tied to one of the posts of the house as it burned around her. "Ma!" She screamed and was about to race to save her, but something hard and sharp hit the back of her head. "Ma..." Kristal barely managed to let out as she fell to the ground. The man smirked as another ran over. "She dead?" The man nodded. "I'm sure... doubt anyone could survive a blow like that." The other man cursed. "Ya idiot! The boss wanted the girl alive!" He backhanded the man and then handed kerosene and a match to the one who hit Kristal. "Burn the barn... and her too. We don't want no bodies being found." With that he ran back to the burning house. The man that had fought Kristal kicked her and began to pour the kerosene over the hay. Igniting the fire, he kicked the fallen girl one more time and ran off to join the rest of the men by the house.

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