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16Re: Talks and Chaos (Billy, Kristal, Casey)

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  • Ashleigh
    Jun 27, 2011

      >>Danny then began talking to her about how it had been one of the men she hired that had started the fight in the saloon and Kristal frowned. She didn't like men who made a ruckus. It caused people to talk... and if that man mentioned her... well her plan would be over in a heart beat. It now appeared that she had a wayward soul to deal with. But for now, she needed to see if Billy was with her or not. Hearing the sound of Kid's voice shouting at someone, Kristal turned her head and moved Midnight a bit to get a better look. It was young man... and a sheriff no less, that Billy had been shouting at. Slowly, Kristal's left hand slid to her gun just in case this lawdog got any ideas. "Looks ta me like ya got yer work cut out fer ya." Kristal told the man, though the way he was eyeing her made her feel uncomfortable. "Enjoy." Kris tipped her hat to the young man and turned Midnight in the opposite direction. "Let's go 'afore he gets any ideas."

      Casey's eyes were trained unfallibly on the blonde woman, and even through the several years of wear from the hot sun and hard living, he could tell it was her.  As plain as day, it was her… his sister, Kristal.  Her name bubbled on his lips but he hadn't the gumption or the coherence to speak as he stared at her in amazement, watching she and her companions mount their horses.  He should go after them; it was his duty, and he wore his badge proudly, but still, there was a part of him that didn't – simply because she was his sister.  And yet, he wanted to know why she'd abandoned him, left him there at Craig's farm when she was clearly still alive and now acting as if she didn't know him.  Why?

      Blinking away a couple of stray tears, the young sheriff stepped forward, defiance streaking across his features to replace the wave of pain. "No." he said, his voice firm and authortic. "Why did you abandon me?" he sniffed. "I want answers and after all of these years of thinking you were dead, I think I deserve them. You left me there – no you *abandoned* me there and you never came back." Anger struck his voice, spiking it to an unlevel and shaky degree as he glared at them – at her.

      Billy watched with careful eyes, shifting them between the two.  The boy seemed a little more than unstable; he seemed passionate over something… revenge maybe? The Kid couldn't tell, but whatever it was it was making him extremely uneasy.  He waited for direction, shifting his weight in the saddle as he turned toward the boy and tipped his hat up over his forehead to reveal his face.  "Kid, you got a helluva lot of nerve.  You're lucky you aint been shot yet. What the hell's your problem?" he asked, not bothering to hide the irritated snap in his voice as his hand discreetly slid toward the gun holstered on his hip.  If this kid were cruising for some kind of death wish, he'd come to the right place to have it granted. 

      "My problem?!" he growled. "My problem is a deadbeat sister who acts like she don't even know who I am – that's my problem!" Another wave of the volatile concoction ravaged his guts, twisting them until he could barely contain the boil of his blood.  He wanted answers; and he wasn't going to leave until he got them. 



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