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15Re: [DestinyOutlaws] Re: Talks and Chaos (Billy, Kristal, Casey)

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    Jun 20, 2011
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      "Don't think I really care ta see a sheriff right 'bout now. If'n he gets it in his head that we may be worth while on collectin' those rewards they got on us... well... we'd have a problem." Sarcasm was indeed one of Kristal's specialties. It was rare for the woman to not say a sarcastic remark at least once a day... if not many times a day. As the exited the saloon, Kristal's eyes narrowed and looked around at the rundown town. "'Sides... I'd be surprised if this place actually has a sheriff." Some of the buildings were toppling from a fire, that she was pretty sure happened probably months back, and they still hadn't fixed the building. The slight wind pulled at her duster and caused some small tumbleweeds to roll across the street. "I think I might actually pity the sheriff that works here."

      Moving over to her horse hitched up to the nearby water trough, she quickly mounted Midnight and again looked around. If she were the type to want to run a town, this would be the town to do it. Whatever law there was, was obviously lax... or maybe not respected enough... or... well, the list could go on she was sure. It just wasn't her cup of tea to try and run a town. She'd get antsy... and probably irritable and then half the town would be dead or wishing they were. A smirk pulled the corner of her mouth at the thought. Sitting astride her horse, she awaited Billy to get situated  before showing him the way to the small home she was renting. "Bet ya still could take it over if'n ya wished... I won't stop ya." Kris said her smirk remaining on her face. It amused her how she had been thinking exactly the same as Billy had. "I ain't got a taste fer runnin' a town... hell, I ain't got much of a taste fer being in charge o' so many people either... I prefer a few good, trustworthy men to havin' a large gang, but this time I gotta change my tactics a bit... at least this once." Her eyes shifted to Billy wondering if he could be one of the trustworthy few that would stick by her side. It would be nice not having to worry about who's going to stab her in the back next and when. Then again, could she really trust Billy? He seemed honest enough, but she didn't get where she was now, by letting her guard down so easily.

      Danny then began talking to her about how it had been one of the men she hired that had started the fight in the saloon and Kristal frowned. She didn't like men who made a ruckus. It caused people to talk... and if that man mentioned her... well her plan would be over in a heart beat. It now appeared that she had a wayward soul to deal with. But for now, she needed to see if Billy was with her or not. Hearing the sound of Kid's voice shouting at someone, Kristal turned her head and moved Midnight a bit to get a better look. It was young man... and a sheriff no less, that Billy had been shouting at. Slowly, Kristal's left hand slid to her gun just in case this lawdog got any ideas. "Looks ta me like ya got yer work cut out fer ya." Kristal told the man, though the way he was eyeing her made her feel uncomfortable. "Enjoy." Kris tipped her hat to the young man and turned Midnight in the opposite direction. "Let's go 'afore he gets any ideas."

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