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  • Sum
    Jun 7, 2011
      Glaring after the man that had just left, Kristal sighed. Why was it she couldn't get her men to stop calling her ma'am or miss? Just plain Kris was fine with her... or even Starr... but no. It had to be Ma'am, or miss... at least there was no lady or madam being said that would probably make her shoot a man. Turning her gaze back on Billy, she scrutinized him for a minute before fingering her glass of whiskey. "The job might be a challenge..." Kris began. For some reason she had a feeling Billy the Kid liked challenges. "That's why I'm hirin' men. And the pays pretty good. It'll last fer a while at least." If there was one thing she did know about Rattlesnake, he had his loot stashed in that cabin, that's why it was so well guarded.

      "As fer what the job entails... well... " She glanced at Danny and he nodded. He shooed people away from their table so they would have no eavesdroppers. "I've got a 'friend" so ta speak, that stole somethin' o' mine. I want it back... an' I aim ta get it. I know he's got a nice stash of all his so called "earnings", in his cabin. Only problem, he's got at least fifteen men guarding that hell hole. It's surrounded by trees though, and there's a rather large river nearby that can be easily used to our advantage. If ya want in, ya can have... half of whatever we find. Like I said, I'm not in it fer the money... I want what the bastard stole." She paused here and traced her finger along the rim of the shot glass. "Only Danny knows exactly what's out there... So, I suggest keeping our conversation to this table alone. I haven't told the rest of my men what we're doing yet.... just that I'm looking for hired guns."

      A slow smirk appeared on her shadowed face, and she nodded. "I agree entirely. Can't trust a damn soul... this is why I'd prefer ya not tell anyone else what we'll find out there. Most o' m' men believe I'll be payin' them... which I will. But they don't need to know what m' "friends" got either." She finally relaxed and sat back. Flicking her hat up a bit so the dim light shone more on her face, Kris picked up the glass and downed it one gulp. Her eyes moved backed to Billy's face and her green eyes glittered with sarcastic mirth "I do indeed know you're a man of many talents. I've heard they range from... well... your bedside manner ta how ya wield a gun. Though, all I need is yer skill with a gun." Kris stated, and turned her gaze away from Billy to a small ruckus that was beginning at the bar...

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