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  • Ashleigh
    May 26 11:14 AM

      >>Just then Cornelius Rains approached her table. He was a fairly decent man, for the most part. However, when he called her "Ma'am" she stiffened. If there was one thing Kristal hated, it was being called Ma'am and miss.... and whore... but that was another thing entirely. Lifting her head, she glared at Rains. "Don't call me that." She practically hissed. When he announced Billy the Kid, her glanced at him before nodding and going back to the knife in her hand.


      "Yes'm," Cornelius said, nodding quickly toward Billy before excusing himself.  Not a matter he particularly cared to a part of.  She wanted gun hands, he'd found her one, a good one.  Hopefully, that would be enough to keep him on her good side for awhile.


      Billy watched him go, allowing his eyes to remain on the man until he disappeared from sight -- out of paranoia.  He trusted no one.  Hell, he barely trusted himself.  Truth be told.  Turning back to Kristal after a long moment, he smiled, cocking his head slightly.  "Depends on the job," he said.  He was looking for a job, but he wasn't a fool – and he wasn't about to put himself out for an impossible errand.  "I'm not a yes man or an errand boy; I do things my way, and I don't much like being told how I can and cannot go about things.  If you're looking for lackeys then no, I'm not.  Like I said, it depends on the job – and the pay."


      Taking a seat across from her, he drew his hat off and laid it in the chair beside him.  She seemed like a smart woman.  She had to be, or she wouldn't have survived.   It was the only way to go about things out here.  You either lived or you died. 


      "Why thank ya," he said, offering her another smile for her compliment.  Wasn't often somebody noted a difference between the monster and the man.  He wasn't as bad as they'd painted him to be – and quite honestly, that was a terrible picture they drew from.  But, whatever, shit happened.  What else was there to do?  Not like he could approach the artist and bitch about the job.  "As you know, I'm a man of many talents.  Pleasantry is one of them, but I'm also a background type.  I like anonymity.  Very few people know me – and I prefer it that way.  Can't trust anyone in this day and age..."



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