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10Re: [DestinyOutlaws] Eight Years Into the Future

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    May 24 9:51 PM
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      Kristal was lost in thought as she sat with her feet propped up on a nearby chair. She had plans that needed to be made, but lacked the firepower to make any attempt at an attack. She had five men that followed her without question, and two more than were expendable because she wasn't quite sure where their loyalties lied. They didn't have her trust, and she would kill them in the blink of an eye if she knew they were up to no good. Danny was her closest confidant so far. But even he didn't know everything. She refused to tell people about her lack of memory. And her men thought they were going after RattleSnake Jake because he stole from her. Which he had... her memory and her mother.

      Just then Cornelius Rains approached her table. He was a fairly decent man, for the most part. However, when he called her "Ma'am" she stiffened. If there was one thing Kristal hated, it was being called Ma'am and miss.... and whore... but that was another thing entirely. Lifting her head, she glared at Rains. "Don't call me that." She practically hissed. When he announced Billy the Kid, her glanced at him before nodding and going back to the knife in her hand.

      Hearing Bonney's greeting, Kristal smirked. "Oh, I highly doubt that." Meeting her was far from charming, she was pretty damn sure. "I'm guessin' yer here 'fer a job... an' since I'm lookin' fer good gun hands... well..." She paused never taking her eyes off her knife. "I guess that means I might be hirin'. So, is it true, ya be lookin' fer a job?" She left it at that. Kris wasn't going to explain anything more... at least not yet. Only Danny knew why she was hiring men. It would have been stupid of her to announce why she was looking for gun hands... though, she knew people guessed.

      Lifting her gaze to Billy once more, she arched an eyebrow. "Funny, ya don't look much like yer wanted posters..." She added absentmindedly and then nodded to a nearby saloon girl to bring her a drink. She wasn't one for pleasantries.

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