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  • ~Sum~
    Feb 1, 2009
      Eighteen year old Kristal Starr sat on the swing in the old barn
      awaiting Belle's return. A soft smile was splayed over her face as she
      remembered last weeks excursion. They had robbed a stage filled a safe
      box of one thousand dollars. It was enough to last for quite a while.
      She had hid her stash somewhere safe so none of the gang... or
      Belle... or even Casey knew where it was. She loved outlawing. It was
      her life. It was her passion.

      "Ho! Rider comin' in." Someone shouted.

      Kristal hopped off the swing and headed out of the barn. She pulled
      her black stetson that Bell had given her down a bit to shade her eyes
      from the sun. Her face lit up when she saw the riders. It was Belle!
      She raced out and headed for the house where she knew the riders would
      stop. Sure enough, Belle and three of her gang pulled their horses to
      a stop at the porch of the house. Kris reached the house only minutes
      after panting the whole way.

      "Ma..." She began, but quickly stopped. Belle's expression was
      anything but friendly at the moment. What was going on? Both of them
      were supposed to go and pick up Casey at Craig's that evening. Craig's
      nephew Timmy was over and asked if Casey and him could go fishing the
      day before. Belle had readily agreed and had allowed the kid to stay
      the night as well.

      "Pack yer thing's Kris an' fast. We need t' get outta here as fast as
      possible." Belle said turning her grey eyes on the teenager.

      "What, why?" Kristal protested.

      "Don't argue Kristal! Do it now!"

      Shock appeared on Kristal's face. Belle had never demanded anything of
      her so harshly before. Something bad was happening and she didn't know
      what it was, nor did she like it. "Fine." She said stubbornly and
      kicked a wooden bucket over. Walking into the house, Kris went
      straight to her room and began to pack her things in a huff. She
      didn't want to leave the ranch. And now she would need to dig up her
      money stash and bring it with her... and what about Casey? They needed
      to get him. She'd be damned if they were going to leave him behind.
      Belle had some explaining to do and Kris hoped it would be sooner
      rather than later.
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