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Thursday run and party, July 3

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  • DenverTrailRunners
    Since this Thursday is not a school night, we re going to try something a little different, and venture a little farther. Maybe Kendra, Dave, Chris, and the
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      Since this Thursday is not a school night, we're going to try something a little different, and venture a little farther. Maybe Kendra, Dave, Chris, and the other Evergreenians (or is it ites) will join us, for the run and/or party. If you're racing this weekend and want to take it easy, you can walk or jog easy around the lake a few times.

      Where: Dedisse and Alderfer trails. Meet at Evergreen Lake. The early group will meet at 5:30. We'll push the start time back for the main group until 6:30pm. Please arrive a little early so that you're ready to start on time.

      If you'd like to mtn bike also, please arrive at 5pm. We'll ride for about an hour, then run with the main group - a repeat of Adam's wedding day.

      Party to follow at Warren and Brooke Kish's, just up the road from the lake. Warren will make pasta, both meat and veggie sauces available. DTR will provide plates, napkins, utensils, cups, etc. Please bring salads, side dishes, desserts, snacks, drinks, etc. If you can't bring anything this time, it's still OK to show up. There's always plenty of food. It's a great chance to meet the group without breathing hard.

      Directions to Lake House: Take I-70 to Evergreen Parkway, hwy 74 exit, #252. Follow hwy 75 ~6.5mi to the lake. The road curves left at the lake. Just before the curve, go right 1/4mi, then left into the lake. Meet by the porta-potties.

      Directions to the party: 30424 Upper Bear Creek Road. One mile up from the lake on the left. Pass mile marker 1 on wood post on right. "Moody's" mail box on right. Some trees on left, then a bunch of mail boxes. One has KISH on it and 30424.  They may add some sneakers to the mail box. Make left on dirt road. Pass first house. About 100 feet further up dirt road is house. (303)216-9712. There's limited parking, so we'll have to carpool up from the lake. The lot at the lake stays open until 10pm.

      It cools of quickly in the canyon, so please bring warm and dry clothes for after the run.

      Run, P=3, T=3, N=3: See attached with map and route descriptions.

      Next Thursday will be another party. The run will be at White Ranch, lower lot. The party will be at the Zorilla's, in Golden. Details will follow next week.

      P.S. PLEASE BE PATIENT. Runs will happen. The notices will come out when they are ready.

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