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Re: Jeffco OS Trails feedback

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  • runuphillracing
    This is a reminder that I need your comments and poll responses by early Tue afternoon in order to report them at the TUTF meeting that evening. I ve only
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 2, 2008
      This is a reminder that I need your comments and poll responses by
      early Tue afternoon in order to report them at the TUTF meeting that
      evening. I've only gotten a handful or responses so far, and only 9
      responses to the poll.

      See below for the comments I am looking for. In addition, use this
      link for the poll.


      --- In DenverTrailRunners@yahoogroups.com, "runuphillracing"
      <runuphillracing@...> wrote:
      > This Tuesday, June 3, is another semi-annual Trail Users Task Force
      > (TUTF) for Jefferson County (Jeffco) Open Space (OS). I'm looking for
      > comments to report at the meeting.
      > "The purpose of the Trail Use Task Force is to identify trail
      > conflicts and make recommendations for their solution to the Open
      > Space Advisory Committee, the Open Space staff and the BCC that will
      > not deprive any user of a safe, quality experience when using the
      > parks and trails while considering protection of the natural resource."
      > I am a runner/hiker representative on the TUTF. I try to represent the
      > view of trail runners, not just my own views. There are other hiker
      > representatives, as well as members representing bikers and equestrians.
      > Please send me any comments or suggestions you have about the Jeffco
      > OS parks and trails. I especially want to hear about any conflicts or
      > incidences you've had with other users - bikers, equestrians, dogs,
      > runners, etc.
      > When I asked about this last fall, several of you expressed some very
      > strong opinions about not having any conflicts, and not wanting any
      > rules limiting bikers, or separating trails for different users.
      > Personally, I don't have any problems running on trails with bikers.
      > However, there are some strong negative feelings out there, mainly
      > directed at bikers (I don't mean to pick on the bikers, I'm just
      > reporting what I've heard). These feelings mainly come from
      > non-runners and not-bikers. Try to view this from the perspective from
      > a casual (i.e., non-fitness) hiker, someone in his/her 70s, a family
      > with small kids, etc.
      > Please respond to me, without changing subject line.
      > I also want to hear your opinions about opening the trails up at
      > night. Currently, all Jeffco trails are closed from an hour after
      > sunset to an hour before sunrise. The only local trail (I know of)
      > that's open at night is Green Mtn, which is a Lakewood, not Jeffco
      > trail. Please answer via the poll at:
      > A couple of other agenda items for the meeting are the future
      > connection between Reynolds Park and the Colo Trail, and updated
      > parking at Mayhem Gulch (lower lot for Centennial Cone).
      > You are welcome to attend the meeting. It's at 7pm, at 700 Jefferson
      > County Parkway, Golden.
      > More info on Jeffco OS, and the TUTF, can be found at
      > http://jeffco.us/openspace/index.htm
      > http://jeffco.us/openspace/openspace_T56_R127.htm
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