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    This is a regular reminder about how DTR works. DTR is a free group of people who run trails in the Denver area. This is a newsletter type group, not a
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      This is a regular reminder about how DTR works.

      DTR is a free group of people who run trails in the Denver area.

      This is a newsletter type group, not a discussion group. Only a handful of people can send messeges to the group. Repeated surveys has determined that that's the way the group likes it.

      This doesn't mean that you can't send something appropriate to the group. If you do have something to send, send it to us and we will pass it on to the group if appropriate.

      The Thursday evening run is the only regularly scheduled run. Other runs - weekends, weekday mornings, other afternoons, etc. - happen when someone volunteers to lead a run. Leading doesn't mean being the fastest runner. It just means setting a time/place, and explaining the run to others who show up. If you want to run with others at another time, let us know and we will pass it on to the group. Only a small portion of the 1,400 show up on Thursdays. Chances are others on the list are interested in other runs too "Build it and they will come."

      This also applies to carpooling to runs or races. Share the gas costs and have some company. Let us know several days in advance, so we have time to pass it on to the group.

      If you have other ideas for the group, please let us know. The group is here for your benefit.

      Please don't be intimidated. The runs are for all ages and ability - REALLY. On Thursdays, we have a wide range of running speeds - from 10k speeds in the low 30s, to 60+, and some who walk the trails. Come on out and have fun. You'll meet some good people and new training partners. The only way to get better is to get out there.

      When you do show up, please introduce yourself to me and others. We try to greet new people and make them feel welcome, but sometimes I forget or don't have time. Please don't be shy.

      DTR is designed to be as self-service as possible. This includes joining, leaving, or changing your e-mail subscription. Just about anything you might want to know about the group can be found at either:
      http://dtr.runuphillracing.com/ (including a FAQ page), or

      Please read the info there - including FAQs, maps and directions, and old messages - before sending a question. There are over 1,400 people (as of 8/1/07) on the Yahoo list and we don't have time to respond to every individual questions. A lot of time and energy has been spent in developing the site info. Then, if you still have questions, feel free to contact us at DenverTrailRunners-owner@yahoogroups.com

      Train smart.

      See you on the trails.
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