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week of May 3

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  • denvertrailrunners
    IN THIS WEEK S MESSAGE: + Thursday evening run + Tuesday Speed Workout + Other groups: Sat-Evergreen, Sun-Golden & Pikes, Mon-Crown Hill, Tue-Red Rocks Stairs
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2006
      + Thursday evening run
      + Tuesday Speed Workout
      + Other groups: Sat-Evergreen, Sun-Golden & Pikes, Mon-Crown Hill,
      Tue-Red Rocks Stairs
      + RMRR Trophy Series date change.
      + Trail Running Clinics
      + Discounts on Arbys Rocky Mountain Half Marathon entries.
      + Carpools and group trips: 7/1, Spring Creek Memorial race, Steamboat
      + Talks, Clinics, and other Non-Race Events
      + Races. NEW EVENTS ADDED

      Location: Bear Creek Lake Park. The park has both trails, as well as
      road options, in case it rains.

      Time: The early group starts around 5:30pm. The main group starts at

      Neutral Start/Regrouping: Please start slow, and stay together, until
      the bridge. Please regroup, by ability (slow, intermediate, fast), at
      key junctions.

      Dinner: Many of us usually go to dinner after the runs. All are
      invited. We pick the location at the end of the run. Bring warm and
      dry clothes to change into.

      If you are new to DTR, or unfamiliar with the trails, directions or
      ratings, please follow the link below to maps, route descriptions,
      driving directions, FAQs, and other information.

      All messages are archived, and more group information is available at:


      I will be leading a free, speed workout, on trails, on Tuesday
      evenings, weather permitting. I'll post the location, and often the
      workout too, on Mondays.

      The workouts will vary, including short sprints, VO2Max and tempo
      intervals, using the trails and hills, instead of a track. We'll use
      time and/or landmarks to mark the work and rest, rather than track
      laps. The hard efforts will be on fairly non-technical trails.
      Locations will vary, using many of the same trails we run on for

      All levels are welcome. We usually will stay in a small area – either
      back and forth, or a short loop - so, no one will be left behind. If
      you want to get faster, you have to practice faster.

      Bring water, extra clothing, etc., to leave at start of hill or loop.



      The Evergreen Runners Circle (ERC) holds FREE runs every Saturday,
      8:30am, on trails, in the Evergreen area. Several DTR regulars join
      these runs. The ERC runs are typically about 60 minutes long. They
      usually go out for coffee/breakfast afterwards. Please forward your
      questions to Dave via the ERC link below. For more info about the ERC
      schedules, go to: http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Lodge/7018/index.html
      May 6: Evergreen Lake House.

      Golden weekend runs are Sundays at 7:30 a.m. Meet outside Brooks
      Field, CSM Stadium, on 12th Street in Golden, and run on one of six or
      more different routes in the Golden area. All of the courses allow
      for varying lengths (e.g. 6-14+ miles) and paces, depending on the
      interests of the runners on that day. For further information contact
      Ron Benioff at rnbenioff@... 303-279-6152.

      The Incline Club holds long runs, on Sundays, in the Pike Peak area.
      They stay fairly low over the winter, then gradually venture up higher
      as the trails dry in the spring. There is a large turnout, often >100
      people, even over the winter, with a wide range of abilities. For more
      info, go to http://www.inclineclub.com

      If you are interested in carpooling to these runs, contact me and I
      will share your e-mail address with others who are also interested.

      Karen Voss (DTR regular) is starting a new running group on Monday
      evenings. The "Weekend Recovery Runs" will meet at Crown Hill Park, in
      Wheat Ridge, at 6;15pm, on Monday evenings. The runs will be about 3-6
      mi. Meet at the trail sign, at the east end of the parking lot, on
      26th, a few blocks E of Kipling. Take 6th ave or I-70 to Wadsworth or
      Kipling. Go N from 6th, or S from I-70, to 26th. Go W from Wadsworth,
      or E from Kipling, to the park.

      For more info, contact Karen at 720-838-8963 or info@...

      Start your Tuesday mornings off right running the stairs at Red Rocks
      (RR). Beginning next week, 3/7, several DTR regulars will be meeting
      on Tuesday mornings. They usually start around 5:30am – 5:45am.

      You can either start at the stairs, or park in Morrison then run up,
      as a warm-up. The DTR site has directions to RR. For Morrison, take
      C470 to the Morrison, hwy 74 exit. Go W, through town, past the first
      light and gas station, to the last diner on the left, T and Ts, and
      park in their lot. /From there, cross and run up the road, for ~200
      yards. Take a right at the first entrance into RR, and follow the
      signs up. It's about a 1.25 mi run to the stairs.

      This is a "show-n-go" event, meaning just start whenever you show up.
      There won't be a group meeting at the start. We realize that people
      have differently tight schedules in the morning. There are usually
      others, not with DTR, running the stairs. Once at the stairs, you can
      ask people if they're with DTR.

      A stair workout may start on the bleachers, from the stage level. See
      how far you can get with just one stride per bleacher level. This is
      very hard. It is very unlikely you will make it to the top, or even
      close, on just one step. I've never made it more than 50, out of 67
      rows. Once I tire, I'll switch to two steps per level to the top.
      After a few times up the bleachers, then switch to the stairs on the N
      side. You can start at the stage level, half way up, or down at street
      level. On these smaller stairs, I usually do just one stair per step,
      even though I can do more. If you skip the bleachers, you can start
      with 2-3 stairs/step, then switch to one when you tire. The bleachers
      and multiple steps emphasize leg/hip strength. A one step approach
      emphasizes more leg speed and calf strength.


      This weekend's race has been changed to Saturday, not Sunday. It is
      still 5mi, and still at the Carson Nature Center.


      Back for the 5th year, I will be holding several trail running form

      Any energy that doesn't go into propelling you forward is wasted.
      These flaws put added stress on your joints and muscles, which leads
      to a greater risk of injury, and greater and quicker fatigue.

      The clinics will teach you how to:
      * Improve your efficiency.
      * Increase running enjoyment.
      * Reduce the pain of running.
      * Increase the longevity of your running career.

      5/13 – Trail Running 102. Intermediate to advanced levels.
      5/21 – Trail Running 101. All levels.
      6/4 – Trail Running 101. All levels.

      All clinics will take place in the western Denver foothills, 8am –
      noon. Registration is in advance only. Space is limited.


      Interested in carpooling or group road trips to upcoming races? Let me

      *DTR will take a road trip to the Spring Creek Memorial, July 1, in
      Steamboat Springs. The races are 9.5mi and 5k. John Chapman, former
      DTR regular, now lives in Steamboat, and is the race director. He has
      offered us room to stay at his house. Let me know if you are
      interested. http://www.runningseries.com


      5/13; Trail Running 101 Form Clinic, intermediate-advanced; west
      Denver area; http://www.runuphillracing.com

      5/13; Jeff Galloway's Running School; Denver;
      http://www.jeffgalloway.com/denver.html 800-200-2771 x 10

      5/21; Trail Running 101 Form Clinic, all levels; west Denver area;

      5/22, 7pm; Intro to Trail and Mountain Running, discussion, slide
      show, and give-aways; FREE; REI Denver;

      5/23, 7pm; Frank Shorter on "Running Through the Decades"; Chautauqua
      Park Auditorium, Boulder; http://www.bolderboulder.com

      6/4; Trail Running 101 Form Clinic, all levels; west Denver area;

      6/5, 7pm; Intro to Trail and Mountain Running, discussion, slide show,
      and give-aways; FREE; Fleet Feet, Boulder;
      http://www.fleetfeetboulder.com http://www.runuphillracing.com


      5/6; Castlewood Cliffs Trail Run, Front Range Frenzy #1, 10km;
      Castlewood Canyon State Park, Franktown; http://www.racingunderground.com

      5/6; Collegiate Peaks; 25m/50m; Buena Vista;
      http://www.collegiatepeakstrailrun.org (719) 395-6612

      5/20; Hayden Cog Run; 8.4mi uphill, 5k; Steamboat Springs;

      5/20; Buffalo Creek Trail Run; various distances, 12km to marathon;
      FREE; Pine, CO; http://www.runuphillracing.com

      5/26; Hillary Everest Marathon; Nepal; www.EverestMarathon.com Becky
      Harrison, North American Organizer, 603-374-2438,

      6/3; Balarat Trail Run; 10km; Jamestown, CO;

      6/3; Vail Spring Runoff, USA 10km Trail Running Championship; Vail;

      6/10; Mt. Falcon Trail Race; 8mi; Morrison; 303-674-6441;

      6/10; Rocky Mountain Road Runners Trophy Series #6; 2.4mi; Stonehouse
      Park, Lakewood; http://www.rmrr.org

      6/11; Garden of the Gods, Triple Crown of Running #1; 10mi; Colo
      Springs; http://www.pikespeakmarathon.org/

      6/17; Hot Springs Shortcut; Steamboat Springs; 7mi;

      6/17; Mt. Evans Ascent; 14.5mi; http://www.racingunderground.com/

      6/20, 6:40pm; Twilight Trail Series #1; 6.5mi; White Ranch, Golden;

      6/25; Golden Gate Canyon Trail Run; ~13.1mi; Golden Gate Canyon State
      Park, 15mi W of Golden; http://www.runuphillracing.com

      *7/1; Spring Creek Memorial; 9.5mi, 5k; Steamboat Springs;

      7/1; Leadville Trail Marathon; full and half marathon;

      7/4; Scar Top Mtn Run; 12k, 5k; http://www.racingunderground.com/

      7/9; Mountain Madness; ½ marathon; Steamboat Springs;

      7/9; Summer Roundup Trail, Triple Crown of Running #2; 12km; Colo
      Springs; http://www.pikespeakmarathon.org/

      7/11, 6:40pm; Twilight Trail Series #2; 6.7mi; White Ranch, Golden;

      7/22; Lookout Mtn Hill Climb, Front Range Frenzy #2, ~4mi; Golden;

      7/25, 6:40pm; Twilight Trail Series #3; 10km; Elk Meadow, Evergreen;

      7/27, 6:30pm; Paint Mines 6km; Calhan, CO; Nancy Hobbs, 719-520-6384,
      719-499-1335; nancyhobbs@...

      8/5; The Arthur's Rock n Roll, Front Range Frenzy #3, 10mi; Lory State
      Park, Ft. Collins; http://www.racingunderground.com

      8/5; Mt. Werner Classic; 5mi, 12mi; Steamboat Springs;

      8/13; LT100 10km; Leadville; http://www.leadvilletrail100.com/

      8/15, 6:40pm; Twilight Trail Series #4; 5.5mi; South Valley Park,
      Littleton; http://www.runuphillracing.com

      8/19; Pikes Peak Ascent, Triple Crown of Running #3a; FULL; 13.32mi;
      Manitou; http://www.pikespeakmarathon.org/

      8/19-20; Leadville Trail 100; 100mi; http://www.leadvilletrail100.com/

      8/20; Pikes Peak Marathon, Triple Crown of Running #3b; FULL; 13.32mi;
      Manitou; http://www.pikespeakmarathon.org/

      8/20; Continental Divide; 16mi; Steamboat Springs;

      8/26; Indian Peaks Trail Run, Front Range Frenzy #4, 10km; Eldora Ski
      Area, Nederland; http://www.racingunderground.com

      9/3; 10K at 10,000 Feet; 10k; http://www.runningseries.com

      9/3; Beaver Creek Vertical Ascent; 6hr Uphill Run (down on chairlift);

      9/9; Kremmling Road Kill; ½ marathon, 10k; http://www.runningseries.com

      9/23; Golden Leaf half-marathon; Snowmass to Aspen;

      9/24; Pilot Run for Literacy; 7mi, 3mi; Steamboat Springs;

      10/14; Barr Lake Boogie, Front Range Frenzy #5, 15km; Barr Lake State
      Park, Brighton; http://www.racingunderground.com

      11/4-17; Nepal Trek and Trail Run; ½-marathon race, multi-day group
      trek to the start; http://www.nepaltrekandtrail.com/
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