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First run in the dark - New Location.

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    In this week s message: + Thursday run: Bradford Park + Sat morning Evergreen Runners Circle + Input wanted for weekend Golden runs + Free 50k Nov 19. + Pace
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2005
      In this week's message:
      + Thursday run: Bradford Park
      + Sat morning Evergreen Runners Circle
      + Input wanted for weekend Golden runs
      + Free 50k Nov 19.
      + Pace group leaders needed for Tucson Marathon
      + Chilly Hilly: 2-day, stage trail race, in Indiana, in January
      + Kilimanjaro Marathon
      + Trail Races, clinics and other upcoming events. NEW EVENTS ADDED

      This Thursday's run is at Bradford Park. The main group will start at
      6:30pm. The early group usually starts around 5:30pm. It's dark. Bring

      This is a new start location. We've run the trail before, but from a
      different location, and in the other direction. The map and
      instructions are not posted on the website yet, but should be soon.
      Until then, use the "Ken Caryl lower" map link, but follow the
      directions and route description below. On the Ken Caryl map, we start
      near Red Cliff, towards the top left of the map, where the red and
      yellow lines split – NOT AT THE MANOR HOUSE! We will run in the
      reverse direction.

      Directions: Take C470 to the Ken Caryl exit. Go west, into the valley.
      Just after you enter the valley, stay right at the "Y". About 1mi up
      the road, stay right at the next "Y". You will pass the Manor House,
      on the hill, on your left. Follow North Ranch Rd around to the left.
      Turn left on Kill Deer Ln and park in the lot or on the street.

      Route: From the park, head west on the dirt trail. Follow the trail
      through some rocks, then as it curves left by a very large red rock.
      Continue S on the gently rolling trail for ~1mi to the wide Manor
      House trail. Go left to the Manor House. Below the parking lot, follow
      the trail as it traverses down the hill to the road. Cross the road,
      then go left up the trail to for ¼mi. Here the routes split.

      Short: Stay left at the junction, around the base of the hogback. This
      meets the trail coming down from the Hogback. Continue straight a very
      short distance further to another junction. Go left, down the hill,
      and across the ravine, to a trail junction. You can go either way
      here. Continue up to the road. Go left on North Ranch Rd and follow
      the road back to Kill Deer. Or, jog right to the end of the
      cul-de-sac, then pick up the trail on your left.

      Intermediate: Where the routes split, go right up the hill. At the top
      of the hogback, go left down the spine. Go right at the bottom, just a
      short distance. Go left, down the hill, can across the ravine. Go
      right at the junction just across the ravine. At the road, jog right,
      then look for a trail on your left, near the end of the cul-de-sac.
      Follow the trail up the hill, under the power lines, and through a fun
      slick rock section (look for the cairns to guide you). After ~ 1mi,
      the trail goes left, down a hill, to the finish. This is a fairly
      short run, so faster intermediate runners should consider doing the
      long route.

      Long: Where the routes split, go right up the hill. At the top of the
      hogback, go right, south. The trail splits after ~¼mi. Left is a
      little shorter and smoother. Right is a bit more fun (i.e.,
      technical). The trails merge again in another ~½mi. Continue down the
      spine to the "Y". Make a sharp left and head up the wide, smooth
      Hogback Trail. It's ~1mi, gently up to the crest, then another ~½mi
      gently down the other side. On the north side of the small hogback, go
      right, down the hill, and across the raving. Then follow the
      intermediate route back. This is one of the shorter loops. To get a
      little more time, you may want to retrace your steps along the trail
      towards, and pick up the other runners coming back.

      We'll start slow and stay together for 5-10 minutes. Veteran DTR
      runners, please check for newer runners at the start, and help guide
      them along the way.

      Next full moon run: 11/15, Wed, weather permitting, location TBA

      If you are new to this trail, or to DTR, please follow the link below
      to maps, route descriptions, driving directions, FAQs, and other

      All messages are archived, and more group information is available at:


      The Evergreen Runners Circle (ERC) holds FREE runs every Saturday,
      8:30am, on trails, in the Evergreen area. Several DTR regulars join
      these runs. The ERC runs are typically about 60 minutes long. They
      usually go out for coffee/breakfast afterwards. Please forward your
      questions to Dave via the ERC link below. For more info about the ERC
      schedules, go to: http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Lodge/7018/index.html
      11/5: Genesee Rec. Center; meet at Genesee Park-n-Ride


      Input Requested to Expand Participation in Golden Running Club There
      has been very low turnout for the Saturday at 6:30 a.m. runs in Golden
      and the organizer would like to solicit your feedback on how
      participation could be increased for these runs. Options include:
      - Moving the runs to Sunday morning
      - Starting the runs at 7:00 a.m. instead of 6:30
      - Announcing routes in advance and possibly varying the starting location

      Please contact Ron Benioff at rnbenioff@... if any of these
      changes would induce you to participate or if you have other
      suggestions. Please note that the runs are suspended for now until an
      approach is
      found to increase participation.


      From Mulelaster@...:

      "A friend and I would like to show off some of the great trails in are

      Clevis & Clevis 50k Adventure Trail Run
      November 19, 2005
      Buffalo Creek, CO

      All runners must be self-supported.
      No fee. No aid. No awards. (Just a darn good time, incredible single
      track, and great company!)
      We will put H2o at four locations. Mlles 7, 11.7, 14.6 and 21.7.

      Run begins at 7:00 A.M. at the parking area next to the Buffalo Creek
      National Forest Work Center located on Hwy. 126.

      Participation is limited.

      Please contact mulelaster@... to confirm participation, for
      directions and additional information.


      Pace leaders wanted for the Tucson marathon on Dec. 4. Pace times are;
      3:40, 3:50, 4:00, and 4:30.
      If interested, call Jim at 412-613-8886 (2hrs. ahead of us). Amenities
      include; $100+ travel subsidy, free hotel, free shoes, singlet and shorts.


      On Jan 21-22, there's a 5-race, 2-day, trail event, near Bloomington,
      IN. Indiana in January? Not my first thought either. However, this
      looks really interesting.

      The ChillyHilly is 5 trail races, of various distances, over 20 hours.
      It starts with a 10k run on Sat afternoon, then a 4mi run that night.
      On Sunday, there's a 5km, 10mi, and 1mi run, all before noon. Housing
      (Sat night) and meals are included in the entry. You can do it as an
      individual, or relay.

      I am seriously considering going. It would be fun to go with a group.
      There are six of us so far. Contact me if interested, adam@runuphillracing

      Race info: http://www.hoosier200.com/chilihilly.htm


      Jim Romero is looking for anyone interested in joining him/group this
      coming Feb 2006 to run the Kilimanjaro marathon. He would be
      interested in people looking to run the marathon, and/or do a safari,
      and/or climb the mighty Kilimanjaro after the marathon.

      Please contact him at 303-794-2952, or jrom794@...


      Interested in carpooling or group road trips to the following races?
      This can include carpooling, sharing rooms, and a group dinner.

      Upcoming trail races and events:

      11/9, 7pm; Winter Training for Runners, FREE; Two Feet to Go, 4340
      Tennyson, Denver; 303-458-7700; http://www.runuphillracing.com

      11/12; Rim Rock Run; 37km; Colo Natl Monument, Fruita;

      11/13; "Easy Running" Form Clinic; West Denver area (exact location
      tba); http://www.runuphillracing.com; 303-870-0487

      11/16, 7pm; Winter Training for Runners, FREE; Runners Roost, 437 S.
      Wadsworth, Unit B Lakewood; 303-991-1851; http://www.runuphillracing.com

      11/19; Clevis & Clevis 50k Adventure Trail Run; FREE; Buffalo Creek;

      11/20; Chatfield 10-Miler; Littleton; http://www.comastersrun.org

      I'll be starting to add snowshoe races over the next few weeks.
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