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Week of July 6

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  • Adam Feerst, Runuphill Racing
    In this week s message: + Thursday run: White Ranch + Other weekly runs: Tue & Wed mornings, Sat ERC + Trail Running talk and slide show, Wed, Runners Roost,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2005
      In this week's message:
      + Thursday run: White Ranch
      + Other weekly runs: Tue & Wed mornings, Sat ERC
      + Trail Running talk and slide show, Wed, Runners Roost, Lakewood
      + Race Volunteers needed
      + Carpooling to runs/races
      + Trail Races, clinics and other upcoming events

      This Thursday's run is at White Ranch (T=3, P=4, N=2, bMms), lower,
      east lot. The main group will start at 6:15pm; the early group meets at 5:30pm. After the run, everyone is invited to come to dinner with us. We pick a nearby location at the end of the run.

      There is no map on my web site. Please use the link
      http://www.co.jefferson.co.us/ext/dpt/comm_res/openspac/white.htm for
      maps. Look at both the Park Map, and the Current Trail Work maps.
      Please regroup at key intersections. This is one of our longer runs,
      1:20-1:30. Please bring a watch and judge your time to finish around

      Directions: Take hwy 93 north from Golden. Don't turn at Golden Gate
      Canyon, even though there are signs for White Ranch there. Continue
      about 2 miles past to 56th. There are more White Ranch signs there.
      Turn left for 1 mile, then right into the lot.

      There's one trail from the lot. Go through the gate, down the hill,
      cross the road, then through the other gate. It's fairly flat to the
      stairs and across the dry creek. We'll stay together until here. Then
      it starts to climb. ~0.5 mile up, near the first hairpin left turn, go right
      onto the new trail connection to Longhorn. Go right at Longhorn. Then,

      Short: At the next junction, go left onto Shorthorn. Follow it back
      down to Belcher Hill, then back to the bottom.

      Intermediate: Stay right at Shorthorn, and continue up Longhorn to the
      next junction. Go left onto Maverick. It's about 1 mi across to Belcher Hill. There, go left and follow the main Belcher Hill trail to the bottom.

      Long: Continue up Longhorn past Maverick. ~0.25 mile up, stay left at the next
      fork. Continue past the picnic tables and bathroom to the upper lot.
      Across the lot, head down the Sawmill trail. It merges with Belcher
      Hill, which takes you back to the bottom.

      Extra long: Depending on time, from the upper lot, go up the dirt road
      for ~0.3 mi to the next trail junction. Go left up the trail to the top of the ridge. Then, go left on Belcher Hill, across the ridge, then continue down the hill.

      If you are new to the group or unfamiliar with the run locations and
      rating, please go to dtr.runuphillracing.com for driving directions,
      running routes, trail ratings, or other information about the group.
      Please read and bring a printout of the maps and route descriptions.

      Tentative Schedule:
      7/14: Lookout/Beaver Brook
      7/21: Mt. Falcon, time trial
      7/28: Deer Creek, picnic
      8/4: Hogback/Mathews Winters
      8/9 (Tue): Green Mtn time trial
      8/11: Genesee/Beaver Brook
      8/18: South Valley
      8/25: Lair 'o the Bear, picnic


      Tue morning runs continue at South Table Mtn (T=3, P=2, N=4) on Tuesday mornings, 5:15am. Please see the message posted on Mondays, or contact Ray: r2grundmeyer@....

      Wed mornings, run stairs at Red Rocks. This is a "show-and-go" workout, meaning that just start whenever you show up. People have been starting anywhere from 5:30-6:30am.

      Wed mornings, every other week, join Derek Griffith for a long run near Ken Caryl. He starts at his house, 28 Tecoma Circle, at 6:30am, and runs for up to 2 hours, 12-15 miles. Contact Derek for more
      information, derek@...

      This Saturday's Evergreen Runners Circle (ERC) hasn't been scheduled
      yet. The ERC runs are typically about 60 minutes long. They usually go
      out for coffee/breakfast afterwards. Please forward your questions to
      Dave via the ERC link below. For more info about the ERC schedules, go
      to: www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Lodge/7018/index.html


      Relay races are a lot of fun. You spend 24 hours or so, running and
      driving through the mountains, with other tired runners. You can be
      seriously competitive; you can be casual; you can have both on the same team. There are a couple of good events in Colorado:

      8/19-20; Wild West Relay; Ft. Collins to Steamboat Springs; 195 miles;
      directed by a sometime DTR member Paul Vanderheiden. Teams of 12 with
      each person running three separate 5-6 mile legs. Ultra teams of 6 with each person running a single 30-35 mi leg. This is held on the full moon. www.wildwestrelay.com, wwr@...

      9/16-17; Colorado Outward Bound Relay; Idaho Springs to Glenwood
      Springs; 170 miles. 10 and 5 person teams. www.coloradorelay.com

      Interested in forming a team with other DenverTrailRunners for an
      upcoming relay? Do you already have a team that is looking for
      additional runners? If interested in forming a team, please send me a
      note. We'll need someone to volunteer to "lead" the teams. That means
      being the contact person and organizing the other runners and drivers.
      You can use the DTR message to help recruit team members. I am not able to do the relays this year, although I have done the Colorado Relay before.


      I need some help at my upcoming Twilight Trail Series races on 7/13,
      7/27 and 8/3. Contact me at info@..., 303-870-0487.
      Race info and directions at www.runuphillracing.com.


      Save gas. Save money. It's more fun to go with a group. Send me a note
      if interested in carpooling to any upcoming events. I'll try to help
      you find a driving partner. info@...

      Suggested carpool opportunities (see race details below):
      7/17; Barr Trail Race, Manitou Springs
      7/24; Vail 1/2-Marathon


      Upcoming races and events:

      7/6, 5:45pm; Summit Trail Series #3; 5mi/10mi; Breckenridge Nordic;

      7/7-8; MOUNTAINFILM on Tour, benefits the Alpine Rescue Team; American
      Mountaineering Center, Golden; www.mountainfilm.org,

      7/9; RMRR Trophy Series #7; 2m; Bible Park, Denver; www.rmrr.org;

      7/10; Fastrek Forest Challenge; 8mi; Idaho Springs;
      www.eclecticedgeracing.com; 303-674-5446

      7/12; “Healthy Marathon Preparation and Injury Prevention – A Roundtable on How to Train Pain-Free”; Niketown Denver, 16th & Glenarm; 303-939-9661 www.boulderbackroads.com

      * 7/13, 6:40pm; Twilight Trail Series #2; 10km; Elk Meadow, Evergreen;
      www.runuphillracing.com; info@...; 303-870-0487

      7/16; Evergreen Mountain Trail Race; 10km; Alderfer/3 Sisters Park,
      Evergreen; smartin@...; 303-674-6441 x26

      7/17; Barr Trail Race; 12mi; www.runpikespeak.com

      7/17; Mountain Madness 12k; Genesee; www.comastersrun.org;

      7/17; High Mountain Trail Run; 25k/50k; www.hminet.org

      7/20, 5:45pm; Summit Trail Series #4; 5k/10k; Breckenridge Ski Area;;

      7/24; Vail 1/2-Marathon; Vail;
      http://www.vailrec.com/adult_runningrace.htm; 970-479-2280

      * 7/27, 6:40pm; Twilight Trail Series #3; 7.5mi; South Valley Park,
      Littleton; www.runuphillracing.com; info@...;

      7/31; Hamlin' Scramble; 9mi; Idaho Springs; www.eclecticedgeracing.com;

      * 8/3, 6:40pm; Twilight Trail Series #4; 6.9mi; White Ranch, Golden;
      www.runuphillracing.com; info@...; 303-870-0487

      8/5, 6:30pm; RMRR Trophy Series #8; 5km; deKoevend Park, Littleton;
      www.rmrr.org, 303-871-8366

      8/6; Mt. Werner Classic; 5mi/12mi; Steamboat Springs;
      www.runningseries.com; 970-871-9360

      8/6; Castlewood Cliffs; 10k; Douglas County;
      info@...; 303-642-7917

      8/10, 5:45pm; Summit Trail Series #5; 5mi/10mi; Horseshoe Gulch,
      Breckenridge; http://greatadventuresports.com/site/page.cfm?PageID=694

      8/10, 6:30pm; Fairmount Trail Run; 5km; Golden; www.comastersrun.org;

      8/14; Berry Picker Trail Run; 5k/10k; Vail;
      http://www.vailrec.com/adult_runningrace.htm; 970-479-2280

      8/14; Ekiden Trail Relay; 1k-2k-3k legs; Chatfield State Park,
      Littleton; www.eclecticedgeracing.com; 303-674-5446

      8/21; Continental Divide; 16mi; Steamboat Springs;
      www.runningseries.com; 970-879-0385

      8/24, 5:45pm; Summit Trail Series #6; 5k/15k; French Creek,
      Breckenridge; http://greatadventuresports.com/site/page.cfm?PageID=694

      8/27; Indian Peaks Trail Run; 10k; Eldora Mtn Resort, Nederland;
      info@...; 303-642-7917

      8/28; Elk Meadow Trail 10k; www.comastersrun.org; cahrnsbrak@...

      9/3; Creede Mountain Runs; 2mi/12mi/22mi; rexs@...; 719-658-2925

      9/4; Breckenridge Crest Marathon; 5mi/13.2mi/24.5mi; www.boec.org;

      9/4; 10k@10,000 feet; Steamboat Springs; www.runningseries.com;

      9/10; Elk Meadow & Bergen Peak Trail Races; 5.6mi/11.5mi; Evergreen;
      smartin@...; 303-674-6441 x26

      9/10; Imogene Pass Run; 17.1mi; Ouray; www.imogenerun.com;
      staff@...; 970-728-0251

      9/10; Kremmling Road Kill; 5k/10k/1/2-marathon; Kremmling;
      www.runningseries.com, www.kremmlingchamber.com; 877-573-4302

      9/11; Barr Lake Boogie; 15km; Brighton;
      info@...; 303-642-7917

      9/11; Evergold Trail Run; 10k; Vail;
      http://www.vailrec.com/adult_runningrace.htm; 970-479-2280

      9/25; Barr Lake 15km; Brighton; www.comastersrun.org;

      10/1; Danielesque Trail Run; full & half marathon; White Ranch, Golden; www.pmimage.com/danielesque.html

      10/16; Coal Creek X-C Challenge; 5.5mi; Louisville;
      www.comastersrun.org; cahrnsbrak@...

      11/20; Chatfield 10-Miler; Littleton; www.comastersrun.org;
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