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Week of June 1

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  • Adam Feerst, Runuphill Racing
    In this week s message: + Thursday run: Lookout/Chimney Gulch - run and photographs + Other weekly runs: Tue & Wed mornings, Sat ERC + Race Volunteers needed +
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2005
      In this week's message:
      + Thursday run: Lookout/Chimney Gulch - run and photographs
      + Other weekly runs: Tue & Wed mornings, Sat ERC
      + Race Volunteers needed
      + Trail Races, clinics and other upcoming events - New, expanded
      + Imogene Pass Run registration open
      + Runners/walkers needed for research/survey
      + Home stays needed for elite runners for RM 1/2 weekend, June 12

      For driving directions, running routes, trail ratings, or other
      information about the group, please go to dtr.runuphillracing.com. If
      you are unfamiliar with this week's runs, please read and bring a
      printout of the maps and descriptions.


      This week's Thursday night run will be at Lookout/Chimney Gulch in
      Golden (T=3, P=4, N=2). The main group will start at 6:15pm; the early
      group usually meets at 5:30pm.

      This is a good run for newcomers because the route is easy to follow.
      Also, it is an out-and-back, so you can go as far as you want before
      turning around.

      We will use a voluntary neutral start, with everyone staying together
      until the trailhead, ~1/2mi. Regroup, with others, about your pace, at
      the Windy Saddle road crossing, and at the top. The fast runners will
      re-group at Boettcher Mansion before the run down.

      Everyone is invited to dinner after the run. We usually go to Woody's
      Pizza in Golden.

      A reporter and photographer will be there to do a story about the group for the Denver Post. They will want to talk with runners from all parts of the spectrum, not just the fast ones.

      Tentative schedule:
      6/9: Ken Caryl, Manor House
      6/14 (Tue): Green Mtn Time Trial
      6/16: Lookout
      6/23: Deer Creek, picnic


      Tue morning runs continue at South Table Mtn (T=3, P=2, N=4) on Tuesday mornings, 5:15am. Please see the message posted on Mondays, or contact Leigh for more info: LSingleton@....

      Wed mornings, run stairs at Red Rocks on Wed mornings. This is a
      "show-and-go" workout, meaning that just start whenever you show up.
      People have been starting anywhere from 5:30-6:30am. See the Tuesday
      message for more info.

      Wed mornings, every other week, join Derek Griffith for a long run near Ken Caryl. He starts at his house, 28 Tecoma Circle, at 6:30am, and runs for up to 2 hours, 12-15 miles. Contact Derek for more
      information, derek@...

      This Saturday's Evergreen Runners Circle (ERC) run is from the Elk
      Meadow, lower lot. The ERC runs are typically about 60 minutes long.
      They usually go out for coffee/breakfast afterwards. Please forward
      your questions to Dave via the ERC link below. For more info about the
      ERC schedules, go to: www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Lodge/7018/index.html

      Upcoming ERC Schedule:
      6/11: Alderfer Three Sisters.
      6/17: O'Fallon Park.
      6/24: Chief Hosa.
      7/2: Evergreen Lake House.


      Volunteers are needed for several upcoming races. Races don't happen
      without volunteer support.

      6/12, the inaugural Rocky Mountain � marathon and Luna Women's 8k run,
      at the Pepsi Center in Denver. I am coordinating volunteers with Potts. We still need additional people for aid stations, traffic control, finish line, packet pick-up, set-up, clean-up and other duties. Youth/civic groups are especially welcome. This is a big money race that should attract a large and strong field. Volunteers get a shirt and free lunch. Please contact me at info@...,
      303-870-0487; or contact Potts at pjones@.... For more info on the race, go to www.rmrunning.com

      6/18, Mt. Evans Ascent. They typically need extra help shuttling
      runners down from the top. Go to www.racingunderground.com. Or contact
      Darrin at info@...

      I need help at my races: Golden Gate Canyon Trail Run, 6/26; Twilight
      Trail Series on 6/22, 7/13, 7/27 and 8/3. www.runuphillracing.com,


      * Registration is now open for my races - the Golden Gate Canyon Trail
      run on June 26, and the Twilight Trail Series races on June 22, July 13 & 27, and Aug 3. Parking is limited for the Golden Gate Canyon race, so register early to reserve a better spot. Multi-race and HS student discounts are available for the Twilight Trail Series races.

      Upcoming races and clinics:

      6/4; Gore-Tex USA 10K National Championships & Teva 5K Mud Run; Vail;

      6/5; Tri Trail Challenge; 10k-1k-5k; Alderfer/3 Sisters Park,
      Evergreen; www.eclecticedgeracing.com; 303-674-5446

      6/8, 5:45pm; Summit Trail Series #1; 5k/10k; Baker's Tank Loop,
      Breckenridge; http://greatadventuresports.com/site/page.cfm?PageID=694

      6/11; CMRA Waterton 10k; Waterton Canyon, Littleton;
      www.comastersrun.org; cahrnsbrak@...

      6/11; Mt. Falcon Trail Race; 8mi; Morrison;
      smartin@...; 303-674-6441 x26

      6/12; 8K at 8,000'; Vail; http://www.vailrec.com/adult_runningrace.htm;

      6/12; Horsetooth Mountain Trail Run; 8mi; Ft. Collins; roostftc@...;

      6/18; Mt. Evans Ascent; 14.5mi; near Idaho Springs;
      info@...; 303-642-7917

      6/18; Red Bull Divide & Conquer; 13mi; Durango;

      6/19; Joe Colton's Offroad Adventure; 1mi/5mi/10k/10mi/15mi;

      * 6/22, 6:40pm; Twilight Trail Series #1; 6.5mi; White Ranch, Golden;
      www.runuphillracing.com; info@...; 303-870-0487

      6/25; Spring Creek Memorial Trail Run; 1k/5k/10k; Steamboat Springs;
      www.runningseries.com; 970-879-6342

      * 6/26; Golden Gate Canyon Trail Run; 12mi; Gilpin County;
      www.runuphillracing.com; info@...; 303-870-0487

      6/26; Saxon Mountain Hill Climb; 5mi/15mi; Georgetown;
      www.eclecticedgeracing.com; 303-674-5446

      6/29, 5:45pm; Summit Trail Series #2; 5k/10k; Flume Trail,
      Breckenridge; http://greatadventuresports.com/site/page.cfm?PageID=694

      7/3; Vail Hill Climb; 7.5mi, 2,200'; Vail;
      http://www.vailrec.com/adult_runningrace.htm; 970-479-2280

      7/4; Scar Top Mountain Run and Spruce Canyon Trail Run; 12km/5km; Coal
      Creek Canyon; www.racingunderground.com/coalcreek.html;
      info@...; 303-642-7917

      7/6, 5:45pm; Summit Trail Series #3; 5mi/10mi; Breckenridge Nordic;

      7/10; Fastrek Forest Challenge; 8mi; Idaho Springs;
      www.eclecticedgeracing.com; 303-674-5446

      * 7/13, 6:40pm; Twilight Trail Series #2; 10km; Elk Meadow, Evergreen;
      www.runuphillracing.com; info@...; 303-870-0487

      7/16; Evergreen Mountain Trail Race; 10km; Alderfer/3 Sisters Park,
      Evergreen; smartin@...; 303-674-6441 x26

      7/17; Barr Trail Race; 12mi; www.runpikespeak.com

      7/17; Mountain Madness 12k; Genesee; www.comastersrun.org;

      7/20, 5:45pm; Summit Trail Series #4; 5k/10k; Breckenridge Ski Area;;

      7/24; Vail 1/2-Marathon; Vail;
      http://www.vailrec.com/adult_runningrace.htm; 970-479-2280

      * 7/27, 6:40pm; Twilight Trail Series #3; 7.5mi; South Valley Park,
      Littleton; www.runuphillracing.com; info@...;

      7/31; Hamlin' Scramble; 9mi; Idaho Springs; www.eclecticedgeracing.com;

      * 8/3, 6:40pm; Twilight Trail Series #4; 6.9mi; White Ranch, Golden;
      www.runuphillracing.com; info@...; 303-870-0487

      8/6; Castlewood Cliffs; 10k; Douglas County;
      info@...; 303-642-7917

      8/10, 5:45pm; Summit Trail Series #5; 5mi/10mi; Horseshoe Gulch,
      Breckenridge; http://greatadventuresports.com/site/page.cfm?PageID=694

      8/10, 6:30pm; Fairmount Trail Run; 5km; Golden; www.comastersrun.org;

      8/14; Berry Picker Trail Run; 5k/10k; Vail;
      http://www.vailrec.com/adult_runningrace.htm; 970-479-2280

      8/14; Ekiden Trail Relay; 1k-2k-3k legs; Chatfield State Park,
      Littleton; www.eclecticedgeracing.com; 303-674-5446

      8/24, 5:45pm; Summit Trail Series #6; 5k/15k; French Creek,
      Breckenridge; http://greatadventuresports.com/site/page.cfm?PageID=694

      8/27; Indian Peaks Trail Run; 10k; Eldora Mtn Resort, Nederland;
      info@...; 303-642-7917

      8/28; Elk Meadow Trail 10k; www.comastersrun.org; cahrnsbrak@...

      9/3; Creede Mountain Runs; 2mi/12mi/22mi; rexs@...; 719-658-2925

      9/4; Breckenridge Crest Marathon; 5mi/13.2mi/24.5mi; www.boec.org;

      9/10; Elk Meadow & Bergen Peak Trail Races; 5.6mi/11.5mi; Evergreen;
      smartin@...; 303-674-6441 x26

      9/10; Imogene Pass Run; 17.1mi; Ouray; www.imogenerun.com;
      staff@...; 970-728-0251

      9/11; Barr Lake Boogie; 15km; Brighton;
      info@...; 303-642-7917

      9/11; Evergold Trail Run; 10k; Vail;
      http://www.vailrec.com/adult_runningrace.htm; 970-479-2280

      9/25; Barr Lake 15km; Brighton; www.comastersrun.org;

      10/16; Coal Creek X-C Challenge; 5.5mi; Louisville;
      www.comastersrun.org; cahrnsbrak@...

      11/20; Chatfield 10-Miler; Littleton; www.comastersrun.org;


      Registration has just opened for the Imogene Pass Run on Sept 10. This
      race will fill up. www.imogenerun.com; staff@...;


      From Bea Carson:
      "Several months ago I started collecting data for a research study measuring non-physical attributes of runners and walkers of all distances. If you have filled out the survey - Thank You. If not , please consider doing so. I will be shutting down the data collection site by the end of June. Also, I've moved websites. The old site was www.bke-associates.com , the new site is www.carson-consultants.com

      This study is open to all runners and walkers To participate go to http://carson-consultants.com and select the "Survey" button. For this study the survey is completed online - typical completion time is less than 10 minutes. If you would like a copy of the results please be sure to include your email address.

      Please forward this message to others that you think might be interested in assisting with this research.

      Any questions, contact Bea at bea@... or call 410-353-4722."


      From Barry Siff:
      "The Rocky Mountain Half-Marathon in Denver on June 12 has attracted a number of elite athletes vying for the $25,000 up for grabs in prize money. Several have run low 27-minute 10K�s, sub 1:02 half-marathons, and have finished in the top 2 or 3 at such huge races as the LA Marathon, Bay-to-Breakers, and Peachtree. We have had requests from some of the athletes to provide help with transportation to and from DIA, as well as housing for one or 2 nights. If you are interested in helping out as such, please let me know directly. In most cases, the athlete will be arriving on Friday, June 10 and departing Sunday, June 12. Thanks very much. Barry."

      Barry Siff
      5430 Sports
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