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Dec 1

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  • Adam Feerst
    + Tue morning runs: South Table Mtn (T=3, P=2, N=4)** + Thursday evening run: Bear Creek Lake Park (T=2, P=1-2, N=2)** + Saturday Evergreen Runners Circle run:
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      + Tue morning runs: South Table Mtn (T=3, P=2, N=4)**
      + Thursday evening run: Bear Creek Lake Park (T=2, P=1-2, N=2)**
      + Saturday Evergreen Runners Circle run: Chief Hosa (T=1, P=2, N=2)**
      + Runners needed for scientific study
      + Arthur Lydiard lecture
      + Incline Club carpool
      + Wild West Relay
      + Races (snowshoe), clinics and other upcoming events

      Leigh Singleton will be leading runs every Tue morning at South Table
      Mtn (T=3, P=2, N=4). The runs will start at 5:15am, and run into the
      sunrise. Look for Leigh in a yellow Xterra, often with a standard
      poodle. These runs will continue every week as long as people show up.
      Please contact Leigh to let her know if you plan to show up, and for
      more info: inclinerunner@...

      Directions: Meet at the NREL visitors' lot. Take I-70 to Denver West
      Blvd. Go north to the first street. Turn left. Go 2 blocks to the NREL
      lot. From 6th ave, exit at Indiana. Go north to Colfax. Turn right and
      continue past the shopping center on the left. Turn left at Denver West
      Marriott Blvd. Go over I-70 and follow the directions above. There are
      no bathrooms or changing facilities at this site.


      This Thursday evening's run is at Bear Creek Lake Park (T=2, P=1-2,
      N=2)**. The main group will start at 6:15pm. An informal group usually
      meets at 5:30pm.

      Directions: Take C-470 to Morrison Rd. Go west. Take the first right at
      Rooney Rd, then an immediate right into the dirt lot, across from the
      Conoco Station. To avoid C470 traffic from the north, stay on I70 to
      the Red Rocks exit, #259. Go south ~1mi. Take the first left and go
      over the hogback. Just after crossing over C-470, turn right onto
      Rooney Rd and go ~2mi. There's a bathroom in the Conoco station, and
      several in the park.

      BCLP is a good location for winter running. The trails hold up well on
      snow and ice. The roads and bike paths are lightly used and provide a
      good alternative.

      Trail Route (in blue on attached): The run starts on the bike path
      across Morrison Rd. Run under C-470. Jog right across the first bridge,
      then an immediate left onto a single track. Run through the picnic area
      [1], cross the road, and pick up the trail on the other side. Continue
      following the path east along the south side of Bear Creek, around the
      horse fences and past the exercise stations. About 1.75mi from the
      start, the path curves right, loops back to the left, then leads to a
      large, dirt, parking lot. Cross the lot, staying to the right side.
      Head between the large rocks on the other side of the lot, then down
      the hill to the creek.* The creek is easy to cross on rocks [2]. Go
      left on the trails and head to the road at the base of the mountain
      [3]. Go left on the road and follow it across the base of the dam. At
      the north end of the dam,* go left on the single track and follow it
      back west along the edge of the lake. Cross through the fisherman's
      parking lot [5]. Just after the trees on the other side, go left onto
      the dirt path. Follow this back west, along the north side of Bear
      Creek. At the end of the trail, come up to the road, continue west past
      the tollbooth, onto the bike path, then back under C-470 to the finish.

      You can also take the park road back. At the north end of the dam, go
      past the single track and around the chain to the road. Go left and
      take it all the way back. Or, at the fisherman's lot [5], go right out
      to the road (brown line), then left to the finish.

      Advanced trail options (in red): At the picnic area [1], look for
      trails across the road to the right. Climb up the small plateau, then
      look for a trail on the left. Head around the horse fence and rejoin
      the main trail. At the base of Mt Carbon [3]*, climb the trail up the
      face. At the top, stay left and follow the trail along the north face.
      Before the dam, look for a short trail heading steeply down on the
      left. At the dam [4], take a sharp left, then right on the road at the
      base of the dam; or, take the road across the top of the dam, then left
      down the road at the north end. The advanced trails from Fisherman's
      Wharf [5] have changed.

      Road route: Start under C-470 as above, but skip the first bridge. Stay
      straight, onto the park road, and through the tollbooth. Stay left on
      the road (brown line) just past the tollbooth. Short and intermediate
      runners should turn around after ~30 minutes. To add a little more
      distance, at Mountain View, go left and climb to the top of the dam.
      Continue down the back side to the golf course, or go right, across the
      top of the dam, before turning around. Faster runners should go right
      at Mountain View*. Take the road across the base of the dam. Continue
      south to the bike path (dark blue line). Go right and take the bike
      path all the way to the finish.

      * Regrouping points. Please wait here to help guide new runners.


      This Saturday's Evergreen Runners Circle (ERC) run is at Chief Hosa
      (T=1, P=2, N=2)**.

      Take I-70 to the Chief Hosa exit, #253. Go south, left (if coming from
      Denver) across the highway. Go left on the dirt frontage road a short
      distance and park near the "Y", just below the lodge.

      The ERC runs are usually 60-90 minutes long. Occasionally, some people
      will start early, or run longer, to get in more mileage. They usually
      go out for coffee/breakfast afterwards. Several of us do the ERC runs,
      but I don't organize them. Please forward your questions to Dave via
      the ERC link below. For more info about the ERC schedules, go to:

      12/11 - Evergreen Lake House
      12/18 - Genesee
      12/25 & 1/1 - no ERC runs
      1/8 - Upper Bear Creek Rd, 5mi marker


      "We are investigating the storage and return of elastic spring energy
      from the legs. We are looking for male runners (18-40 years old) who
      are not injured, train at least 30 miles per week and can run faster
      than 20 minutes for a flat 5km race at Boulder altitude (or

      Subjects will visit the Locomotion Lab at the University of Colorado
      for two visits. The first one involves running at two speeds in normal
      gravity and in a special reduced gravity harness. We will also pull
      backwards and/or forwards at your waist while you run. This first visit
      (habituation) will take around 1 hour. The second visit will take
      around 2 hours. Subjects will run for 5 minutes in 9 different
      conditions at speeds. We will be measuring the forces you exert on the
      ground and also measuring your oxygen consumption rate.

      Unfortunately, we do not have grant funds to pay subjects for this

      If you are interested, please contact Christelle Chaux at the CU
      Locomotion Lab e-mail: c.chaux@...


      Arthur Lydiard will be speaking at Boulder HS on Dec. 1, 7:30-9:00pm.
      Lydiard coached New Zealand runners to Olympic medals in the 60s,
      establishing many of the modern distance training practices followed
      today. �Your maximal oxygen uptake goes up 5% just by shaking his
      hand,� jokes Mark Wetmore, CU track and cross-country coach, who will
      join him that night. Many of you are probably follow his training
      principles without knowing it. Tickets are $10 in advance at Fleet Feet
      in Boulder, or $12 at the door. For those who can't get to Boulder in
      advance, Greg Cunningham, the store manager, told me that you can call
      the store and put your name on a list, then only pay $10 at the door.
      303-939-8000, http://www.fleetfeetboulder.com/


      The Incline Club (IC) runs on trails around Manitou Springs, every
      Sunday, from Thanksgiving until the Pikes Peak race. They stay on lower
      trails over the winter, then start going higher on the Pikes trails as
      the snow fades away. The group is organized by Matt Carpenter. There is
      a large number, often 100 or more, and a wide range of runners at these
      runs. The group is free. For more info go to

      Leigh often goes to these runs and is looking for people to carpool
      with. If interested, please contact her at inclinerunner@....


      The Wild West relay is a new event for 2005. Also known as "Get Your
      Ass Over the Pass," the 195-mile race goes from Ft. Collins to
      Steamboat Springs. There will be teams of 12, with each person doing
      three legs averaging ~5.25miles. There will also be a category for
      "Ultra" 6-person teams, with each runner doing a single leg of about
      32.5mi The race takes place August 19-20, 2005. For more info go to


      12/1, 7:30pm; A Night with Arthur Lydiard; Boulder HS; 303-939-8000,

      12/4; Vail Nordic Center 4-miler; snowshoe; Vail Golf Course ;

      12/11; Beaver Creek Snowshoe Series #1; www.bcsnowshoe.com;
      970-476-6797 x107

      12/11, 6:30pm; Luna Chase Snowshoe; 5km; Keystone Resort;

      12/18; Paddy's Eagle-Vail 5k or 10k; snowshoe; Eagle-Vail Pavilion;

      12/31; Bravo's Snowshoe Resolution Run; 5k; Vail; 970-581-5254;

      1/8 - Turquoise Lake 20-mile snowshoe race; Leadville;

      1/8 - Governor's Cup; 5k/10k snowshoe and ski races; Frisco Nordic
      Center; www.emgcolorado.com, 970-668-0866

      1/9; Beaver Creek Snowshoe Series #2; www.bcsnowshoe.com; 970-476-6797

      1/15 - Swift Skedaddle snowshoe race; 3k/10k; Silverthorne;
      970-389-4838; www.racingunderground.com/snowindex.html

      1/19, 5:30pm; Nighthawks Nordic Series, ski & snowshoe races; Eldora
      Mtn, Nederland; 303-440-8700 x267

      1/21-23; Grand Lake Snowshoe Festival; guided tours/hikes, 10k race
      (1/22), other events; 970-627-1881;

      1/22; Pazzo's Colorado State Championships at Meadow Mtn.; 9mi
      snowshoe; Minturn; 970-845-0931

      1/26, 5:30pm; Nighthawks Nordic Series, ski & snowshoe races; Eldora
      Mtn, Nederland; 303-440-8700 x267

      1/29; Cordillera Snowshoe Adventure; 5K/10K; Edwards; 970-581-5254

      1/29; Winter Park Snowshoe Race; 5km (officially, but more like 4mi);
      800-903-7275; http://winterpark-info.com/events/index.html?event=1455

      1/30; Snowshoe cross-training for runners, cyclists and triathletes;
      Nederland; www.racingunderground.com/snowindex.html; 303-642-7917


      ** Trail Rating - 1-5 scale, 1 being the easiest.
      T = technical difficulty (rocks, narrow, curves, etc.)
      P = physical difficulty (length, steepness and number of climbs)
      N = navigational difficulty (ease of following the routes)

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