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October 19

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  • Adam Feerst
    + Tue morning runs: South Table Mtn (T=3, P=2, N=4)** + Thursday evening run: Bear Creek Lake Park (T=2, P=1-2, N=2)** + Saturday Evergreen Runners Circle run:
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 18, 2004
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      + Tue morning runs: South Table Mtn (T=3, P=2, N=4)**

      + Thursday evening run: Bear Creek Lake Park (T=2, P=1-2, N=2)**

      + Saturday Evergreen Runners Circle run: O'Fallon Park (T=2, P=3, N=4)**

      + Races, clinics and other upcoming events

      Leigh Singleton will be leading runs every Tue morning at South Table Mtn (T=3, P=2, N=4). The runs will start at 5:15am. Look for Leigh in a yellow Xterra, often with a standard poodle. These runs will continue every week as long as people show up.

      Directions: Meet at the NREL visitors' lot. Take I-70 to Denver West Blvd. Go north to the first street. Turn left. Go 2 blocks to the NREL lot. From 6th ave, exit at Indiana. Go north to Colfax. Turn right and continue past the shopping center on the left. Turn left at Denver West Marriott Blvd. Go over I-70 and follow the directions above. There are no bathrooms or changing facilities at this site. Look for Leigh in a yellow Xterra, often with a standard poodle.


      This Thursday's run is at Bear Creek Lake Park (T=2, P=1-2, N=2)**. The main group will start at 6:00pm. A smaller group usually starts around 5:30pm; look for Scott, Ray, Connie or Kim.

      Sunset - 6:12pm; end civil twilight - 6:40pm.

      This is a good run for beginners. The route is easy to follow. It's mostly on flat, non-technical trails. Everyone should be off the trail before it gets too dark. Then, you can run back on the park road if you don't have a light. If it rains, we'll do the whole run on park roads and bike path.

      Directions: Take C-470 to Morrison Rd. Go west. Take the first right at Rooney Rd, then an immediate right into the dirt lot, across from the Conoco Station. To avoid C470 traffic from the north, stay on I70 to the Red Rocks exit, #259. Go south ~1mi. Take the first left and go over the hogback. Just after crossing over C-470, turn right onto Rooney Rd and go ~2mi. There's a bathroom in the Conoco station, and several in the park.

      Route: Main Route (in blue on attached): The run starts on the bike path across Morrison Rd. Run under C-470. Jog right across the first bridge, then an immediate left onto a single track. Run through the picnic area [1], cross the road, and pick up the trail on the other side. Continue following the path east along the south side of Bear Creek, around the horse fences and past the exercise stations. About 1.75mi from the start, the path curves right, loops back to the left, then leads to a large, dirt, parking lot. Cross the lot, staying to the right side. Head between the large rocks on the other side of the lot, then down the hill to the creek.* The creek is easy to cross on rocks [2]. Go left on the trails and head to the road at the base of the mountain* [3]. Go left on the road and follow it across the base of the dam. At the north end of the dam,* go left on the single track and follow it back west along the edge of the lake. Cross through the fisherman's parking lot [5]. Just after the trees on the other side, go left onto the dirt path. Follow this back west, along the north side of Bear Creek. At the end of the trail, come up to the road, continue west past the tollbooth, onto the bike path, then back under C-470 to the finish.

      You can also take the park road back. At the north end of the dam, go past the single track and around the chain to the road. Go left and take it all the way back. Or, at the fisherman's lot [5], go right out to the road, then left onto the road.

      Additional options for faster runners (red lines):

      At the picnic area [1], head right, cross the road, then take the left most trail heading up the hill. The trail heads across the edge of the small plateau. After a short distance, look for a trail on the left. Make a sharp left, go around the horse fence, down the hill, back to the main route, then go right.

      At the base of the mountain [3], cross the road and climb the single track to the top. At the top, follow the single track on the left. After ~1/4 mile, go left at the fork and drop down to the road atop the dam [4].

      From there [4], you can either go across the top, or drop down to the bottom of the dam. To go across the top, go around the fence, then left across the top of the dam. At the north end, make a sharp left down the road. Go into the lot at the bottom of the road, past the bathrooms, pick up a trail heading down to the lake, then go right to fisherman's lot. To head down to the bottom, make a sharp left just before the fence at the top of the dam. Go down the trail alongside the rocks to the road. Go right on the road and follow the main route.

      * Regrouping points. Please wait here to help guide new runners.

      + At the creek crossing

      + At the base of the hill.

      + At the north end of the dam.


      This Saturday's Evergreen Runners Circle (ERC) run is at O'Fallon Park (T=2, P=3, N=4)**.

      Take C-470 to the Morrison exit, hwy 74. Go west, through Morrison, and continue about 6mi to Kittredge. The park entrance is on the left, shortly before the intersection with Meyers Gulch Road.

      The ERC runs are usually 60-90 minutes long. Occasionally, some people will start early, or run longer, to get in more mileage. They usually go out for coffee/breakfast afterwards. Several of us do the ERC runs, but I don't organize them. Please forward your questions to Dave via the ERC link below. For more info about the ERC schedules, go to:



      10/30 - Chief Hosa

      11/6 - Beaver Brook trail, Genesee

      11/13 - Elk Meadow, lower lot


      10/30; Boulder Basic Mountain Marathon; ~26mi and shorter distances; underground (i.e., free, no permits, no awards); details will be posted here when available. Please let me know if you are interested in carpooling to this.

      11/7; Trophy Series; 10mi; Waterton Canyon; http://www.rmrr.org; rmrr@...; (303) 871-8366

      11/8, 7pm; Winter Training Tips- Free talk and Q&A session with Adam Feerst; preceded by a fun run at 6pm. Fleet Feet Sports; 1005 W. 120th Ave., Westminster; 303-451-6964; info@...; http://www.runuphillracing.com

      11/ 9, 7pm. Winter Training Tips- Free talk and Q&A session with Adam Feerst; Boulder Running Company; 8116 W Bowles, SE corner Bowles & Wadsworth, Littleton; 303-932-6000; info@...; http://www.runuphillracing.com

      11/ 10, 6:30pm; Winter Training Tips- Free talk and Q&A session with Adam Feerst; Two Feet To Go; 4340 Tennyson, Denver; 303-458-7700; info@...; http://www.runuphillracing.com


      ** Trail Rating - 1-5 scale, 1 being the easiest.

      T = technical difficulty (rocks, narrow, curves, etc.)

      P = physical difficulty (length, steepness and number of climbs)

      N = navigational difficulty (ease of following the routes)

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