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Week of August 3 - Ken Caryl (lower)

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  • Adam Feerst
    + Thursday evening run and picnic: Ken Caryl (T=2-3, P=2)** + Saturday s Evergreen Runners Circle run: O Fallon Park (T=2, P=3, N=4)**. + Morning runs + Races,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2004
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      + Thursday evening run and picnic: Ken Caryl (T=2-3, P=2)**
      + Saturday's Evergreen Runners Circle run: O'Fallon Park (T=2, P=3,
      + Morning runs
      + Races, clinics and other upcoming events
      + Weekend long run: 8/7 Argentine Pass run and ride
      + Looking for Colorado Relay team

      This Thursday's run is at Ken Caryl (T=2-3, P=2, N=3)**. The main group
      will start at 6:30pm sharp. A smaller group usually starts around
      5:30pm; look for Scott, Ray, Connie or Kim.

      We'll do the lower loop. This is a fairly easy run, and one of the
      shorter routes, so it's good for beginners. We'll regroup at key spots
      to make sure everyone stays on route. Ken Caryl is a little farther
      south, which is why we are starting 15 min later. I heard about the
      C-470 traffic last Thursday.

      Directions: Take C-470 to the Ken Caryl exit. Go west, into the canyon.
      Stay right at the "Y" and go about 1.3mi. Take the 2nd right after the
      "Y" onto Mountain Laurel Dr. You should see a sign to the Manor House.
      About 200 yds. up, take the next right onto Manor House Rd. and follow
      the signs to the Manor House, the large white house on the hill. Please
      park at the far end of the lower lot, on the northeast side of the

      Route: See the attached file. The red is the long route. The yellow
      lines are shorter options. Start heading west on the main, wide, dirt
      trail. Go around the gate. In another 1/4 mi, take a right. Follow the
      single track for about a mile to a large (50' high) rock structure,
      then go right. Just past a small park, take a 45-degree left turn up a
      hill by another large rock structure. Don't take the 90-degree left. If
      you miss the turn, continue straight and follow the North Park road
      down to the cul-de-sac (see below). Go right and follow the rocky
      trail. The trail seems to disappear at one point. Look for the cairn
      (rock pile) and you'll find the trail. The trail comes out at the end
      of a cul-de-sac. Cross the road and pick up the trail heading west.
      Head down the hill, cross the ravine, and go up the other side.

      Slower runners should go right at the trail junction on the other side
      of the ravine (yellow lines). At the next junction, go either way. The
      far right heads around the hogback. The left option climbs the ridge;
      then go right at the top. You'll see the Manor House from here. On
      either route, follow the trail to the road, cross, then take the trail
      up to the Manor House.

      Intermediate and fast runners should stay left and follow the trail
      (red line) between the hogbacks. Intermediate runners should go right
      on the trail at the apex of the trail. Climb up to the ridge, go right,
      then go left at the next junction. Follow the above routes to the

      Upper route: If the early group wants to do the longer route, here's a
      brief description of the trails. Take the Manor House trail west to the
      first left. Go left onto Colorow. Stay right and climb Massey Draw. At
      the top, follow Shaffer north for 2.1mi. Go right on Manor House back
      to the start.

      Upcoming run schedule (subject to change):
      8/12-Mt. Falcon time trial
      8/19- Lookout/Chimney Gulch
      8/26-Lair o' the Bear, potluck picnic


      This Saturday's Evergreen Runners Circle (ERC) run is at O'Fallon Park
      (T=2, P=3, N=4).

      Directions: Take C-470 to the Morrison exit, hwy 74. Go west, through
      Morrison, and continue about 6mi to Kittredge. The park entrance is on
      the left, shortly before the intersection with Meyers Gulch Road.

      The ERC runs are usually 60-90 minutes long. Occasionally, some people
      will start early, or run longer, to get in more mileage. They usually
      go out for coffee/breakfast afterwards. Several of us do the ERC runs,
      but I don't organize them. Please forward your questions to Dave via
      the ERC link below. For more info about the ERC schedules, go to:

      8/14: Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon.
      8/21: Evergreen Lake House.
      8/28: Lower Parking Lot at Elk Meadow.


      Interested in a weekday morning run? A number of people expressed an
      interest in my spring survey. The times ranged from 4am - noon. It
      takes someone willing to take the "lead." Leading just means deciding
      when and where to meet, greeting the runners at the start, and
      explaining the route. It doesn't mean being the fastest runner. Just
      send me the run information (day, time, directions if at a non-Thursday
      location) by the weekend before and I'll post the information here.
      Build it and they will come.


      8/6; Trophy Series; 5km; deKoevend Park, Littleton;
      http://www.rmrr.org; rmrr@...; (303) 871-8366

      ^8/14; Ekiden Trail Relay; various dist; Chatfield State Park; Will
      Wyckoff; (303) 674-5446

      8/15; Berry Picker Trail Run; 5k; Vail; http://www.vailrec.com; (970)

      # 8/18; Summit Trail Series#6, Breckenridge Ski Resort 10K/5K;
      dianem@...; 970-547-4322

      8/22; Elk Meadow Trail 10k; Evergreen; http://www.comasters.org; (303)

      ^8/28; Silverton Alpine Marathon; Silverton;
      http://www.silvertonalpinemarathon.com; emilybaer@...;
      (800) 341-3340

      9/3-9/6; Beyond Running Trail Running Camp with Scott Jurek (Western
      States 100 record holder); Breckenridge;
      http://www.scottjurek.com/camp-bc.php; info@...; (206)

      9/5; Breckenridge Crest Mountain Marathon; 24.5mi/13mi/5mi;
      http://www.boec.org/marathon/; boec@...; (970) 453-6422

      9/12; Trophy Series; 9mi; Big Dry Creek trail, Westminster;
      http://www.rmrr.org; rmrr@...; (303) 871-8366

      9/12; Desert R.A.T.S.; 6-day stage race on the Kokopeli Trail; 148mi;
      Fruita, CO - Moab, UT; http://www.geminiadventures.com

      9/18; Vail Evergold; 10k; Vail; http://www.vailrec.com; (970) 479-2280

      10/2; Trophy Series; 8mi; Chatfield State Park, Littleton;
      http://www.rmrr.org; rmrr@...; (303) 871-8366

      10/2; Danielesque Trail Run; 23k, 46k; White Ranch;
      http://www.pmimage.com/danielesque.html; (303) 271-1935

      ^ I will have applications for these races at the next several Thursday
      night runs.

      # The Summit Trail Series races are held on several Wed evenings,
      5:45pm, in Breckenridge. If interested in carpooling, look for Mike,
      Kasey, Derek and Jessica in Morrison. Take I-70 to the Morrison exit,
      #259. From Denver, go straight across the road at the light, then turn
      into the lot on the right. They leave at 3:30pm sharp.


      Weekend mountain runs:
      8/7 - Argentine Pass. This is a ~18mi that starts at Silver Plume,
      ~9,160', climbs to the pass at 13,192' in 10.5mi, then descends to
      ~10,250' in Montezuma. We should have enough people so that we can have
      cars on both ends. Some of us may run to Montezuma, then mtn bike back,
      if we can find a way to stage our bikes in Montezuma beforehand.
      Contact me if interested. Details to follow later. More details will be
      sent to those who have responded. A course map will be posted at my web
      site later this week, www.runuphillracing.com


      Steve Leland writes:
      "The Colorado Race entry has been closed. I am looking for a
      competitive or non-competitve team that needs an extra person. Please
      send me an email if you're interested."


      ** Trail Rating - 1-5 scale, 1 being the easiest.
      T = technical difficulty (rocks, narrow, curves, etc.)
      P = physical difficulty (length, steepness and number of climbs)
      N = navigational difficulty (ease of following the routes)

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