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6/3 run, Ken Caryl

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  • Adam Feerst
    + Thursday evening run and potluck picnic: Ken Caryl (T=2-4, P=4, N=3)** + Saturday s Evergreen Runners Circle run: Alderfer/3 Sisters (T=3, P=3, N=2) + Trail
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2004
      + Thursday evening run and potluck picnic: Ken Caryl (T=2-4, P=4,
      + Saturday's Evergreen Runners Circle run: Alderfer/3 Sisters (T=3,
      P=3, N=2)
      + Trail 101 Clinic
      + Races, clinics and other upcoming events
      + Tim Erickson long run, 6/12
      + Big Horn carpool

      This Thursday's is at Ken Caryl (T=2-4, P=4, N=3)**. The main group
      will start at 6:30pm sharp. A smaller group usually starts around
      5:30pm; look for Scott, Ray, Connie or Kim.

      Note: The Ken Caryl trails are open to residents only. Please stay
      together as a group. If asked by a ranger, we are guests of Derek and
      Jessica Griffiths, 28 Tecoma Circle.

      Directions: Meet at the Manor House. Take C-470 to the Ken Caryl exit.
      Go west, into the canyon. Stay right at the "Y" and go about 1.3mi.
      Take the 2nd right after the "Y" onto Mountain Laurel Dr. You should
      see a sign to the Manor House. About 200 yds. up, take the next right
      onto Manor House Rd. and follow the signs to the Manor House, the large
      white house on the hill. Please park at the far end of the lower lot,
      on the northeast side of the restaurant.

      Route: There are 4 separate routes. Everyone starts west on the wide
      Manor House trail. Then we will split up early, but all finish the same
      way. Please read the directions and study the map carefully. Please
      stay together and regroup at key intersections. We'll try to determine
      the different groups before we start, so please arrive early. Total run
      time should be about 1:10.

      Slow: Continue west up the Manor House trail, blue line on attached.
      Turn at the picnic table at the top, or at 35-40 minutes. Return back
      down the same way. If you want to add a little more distance, go right
      at the picnic table up the single track before turning.

      Intermediate: ~1mi up from the start, take the 2nd right onto the
      Domino trail. Or, go another 0.6mi up Manor House to the next right (I
      believe it's Tin Cup). Follow the orange line on attached. Either right
      leads to the Bradford trail. It's about 1/3 mi on the Domino trail; a
      few feet on the other trail. Go left up the narrow single track. At the
      top, stay left to take you to the picnic table. Then, go left onto the
      Manor House trail (blue) and follow it down to the finish.

      Fast: Take the first right, ~1/3 mi from the start (red line). Go north
      ~1/2 mi. Look for the Bradford Trail sign on your left. Go left and
      climb the steep and narrow trail. Part way up you'll join up with the
      intermediate runners. Near the top, you have the option of going right
      around the Tin Cup loop. Don't wander too far north. Head down to the
      picnic table, then back down the Manor House trail.

      Expert: This is only for the fastest runners. It's long, steep and
      technical. We'll follow the purple line. Take the first left and follow
      the Colorow trail south for 1.3mi. Then we go right and climb the steep
      and rocky Massey Draw. At the top, it's 2mi+ of ups and downs, north
      along the Shaffer trail. Then, right and down Manor House trail to the

      Please watch your time and return by 7:45pm. We usually go to dinner at
      Chipotle, just east of C-470.

      Here's the proposed summer schedule. It's subject to change, and I
      welcome your suggestions:
      6/10-Lookout/Chimney Gulch
      6/17-Mt Falcon Time Trial
      6/24-Deer Creek, potluck picnic
      7/1-North Table Mtn (new route)
      7/15-Green Mtn, time trial, 3.2mi on rolling course
      7/22-Deer Creek, potluck picnic
      7/29-Hogback/Matthews Winters
      8/5-Ken Caryl
      8/12-Mt. Falcon time trial
      8/19- Lookout/Chimney Gulch
      8/26-Lair o' the Bear, potluck picnic


      This Saturday's Evergreen Runners Circle (ERC) run is on the Alderfer/3
      Sisters (T=3, P=3, N=2)**. The run starts at 8:30am sharp.

      Take the Evergreen Parkway exit, hwy 74, #252, from I-70, to the main
      light in Evergreen, just below the dam. Go south (right if coming from
      I-70) on hwy 73 towards Conifer. Make the first right, about 3/4 mile
      up, on Buffalo Park Rd. Continue up the hill, past the high school,
      past the lower Alderfer lots, to the open meadows at the top. Park in
      the dirt lot on the right, just past the yellow house.

      The ERC runs are usually 60-90 minutes long. Occasionally, some people
      will start early, or run longer, to get in more mileage. They usually
      go out for coffee/breakfast afterwards. Several of us do the ERC runs,
      but I don't organize them. Please forward your questions to Dave via
      the link below ERC. For more info about the ERC schedules, go to:

      6/12: Mt Falcon Race.
      6/19: O'Fallon Park.
      6/26: Chief Hosa.
      7/3: Evergreen Lake House.
      7/10: Lower Parking Lot at Elk Meadow.
      7/17: Evergreen Peak Race


      * Trail Running 101

      There are still a couple of spaces available for my Trail 101 clinic
      this Sunday. The clinic will improve your form running uphill,
      downhill, and over technical terrain. We all have flaws in our form.
      Running on trails magnifies those flaws. Improving your form will make
      you a more efficient and powerful runner and reduce the risk of injury.
      It's 3-4 hours, starting at 7:30am, of mostly drills and very short
      runs. Don't worry. There is no fitness requirement. We won't be running
      for 3+ hours. Location will be in the Evergreen area; I give directions
      and other details to registered participants only. You can register
      online at http://www.active.com/event_detail.cfm?event_id=1128818. Or,
      contact me at info@...; (303) 282-3921. I'll bring some
      applications to the Thursday run. That's the last day to sign up.


      6/2; Summit Trail Series #1; 5k/10k; Breckenridge;
      http://www.greatadventuresports.com; (970) 453-1734

      6/5; RMRR Trophy Series; 2.4mi; Stonehouse Park, Lakewood;
      http://www.rmrr.org; rmrr@...; (303) 871-8366

      6/5; Teva Spring Runoff; USA Trail Championships; 10k; Vail;
      http://www.vailrec.com; (970) 479-2280

      * 6/6; Trail Running 101; Running Form clinic; Morrison/Golden/
      Evergreen, location tbd;
      info@...; Adam; (303) 282-3921

      6/12; Telluride Mtn Challenge; 1k, 5k, 13m; Telluride;
      www.telluridemountainchallenge.com; (970) 728-7537

      6/12; Mt. Falcon Trail Race; 8m; Morrison;
      http://www.evergreenlakehouse.com; Sharon Martin; (303) 674-6441 x26

      6/12; Coyote Cutoff & Beach Run; 6.5m; Montrose;
      http://www.montrose.org/org/runners; (970) 249-8536

      6/12; Trail Triathlon; 3 Sisters, Evergreen; (303) 674-5446

      6/12; Waterton Canyon 10k; Littleton; http://www.comastersrun.org; Colo
      Masters; (303) 279-7020

      6/13; Horsetooth Mtn Trail Run; 8m; Ft. Collins;
      http://www.runnersroostftcollins.com; (970) 224-9114

      6/18; Prospector 5k; Idaho Springs; Will Wyckoff; (303) 674-5446

      6/19; San Juan Solstice; 50m; Lake City; http://www.lakecity50.com

      6/19; Red Bull Divide and Conquer; 13m; Durango;
      http://www.redbulldivideandconquer.com; (608) 233-7635

      6/20; Teva 10k @ 10,000'; 10k; Vail; http://www.vailrec.com; (970)

      6/20; Joe Colton's Offroad Adventure Run; 5m, 10m, 15m, 1m kids fun
      run; Rollinsville;
      lori.kinczel@...; Lori; (303) 258-7113

      6/26; Slacker half-marathon; 13.1m, 5k; Georgetown;
      http://www.bkbltd.com; bluther@...-creek.co.us; (303) 519-0357

      6/26; Spring Creek Memorial; 10m, 5k, 1k kids; Steamboat Springs;
      http://www.runningseries.com; (970) 879-6342

      6/26; Aspen Grove Trail Run; 13.1m, 10k; Aspen;

      6/27; Saxon Mtn Hill Climb; 5m/15m; Georgetown; Will Wyckoff; (303)

      7/4; Vail Hill Climb; Mt Team Championships; 7.5m; Vail;
      http://www.vailrec.com; (970) 479-2280

      7/10; Trophy Series; 2mi; Bible Park, Denver; http://www.rmrr.org;
      rmrr@...; (303) 871-8366

      7/10; Evergreen Mtn Trail Race; 10k; Evergreen;
      http://www.evergreenlakehouse.com; Sharon Martin; (303) 674-6441

      7/10; Fastrek Forest Challenge; 8m; Idaho Springs; Will Wyckoff; (303)

      7/17; High Mtn Institute Trail Run; 25k/50k; Leadville;
      http://www.hminet.org; hmi@...

      7/25; Vail HalfMarathon; 13.1m; Vail; http://www.vailrec.com; (970)

      7/31; Hamlin Scramble; 9mi; St. Marys Glacier; Will Wyckoff; (303)

      8/1; Golden Gate Canyon Trail Run; 10.3mi; Gilpin Cty, Golden Gate Cyn
      St Park; http://www.runuphillracing.com; info@...; Adam
      Feerst; (303) 282-3921

      8/6; Trophy Series; 5km; deKoevend Park, Littleton;
      http://www.rmrr.org; rmrr@...; (303) 871-8366

      8/14; Ekiden Trail Relay; various dist; Bear Creek Reservoir; Will
      Wyckoff; (303) 674-5446

      8/15; Berry Picker Trail Run; 5k; Vail; http://www.vailrec.com; (970)


      Tim Erickson writes:
      "My next training run will be the West Lost Creek Loop on June 12. It
      is about 30 miles with 6500' of climb and travels through forests,
      meadows, alpine tundra, and deep canyons. The low point is about 8000'
      and the high point is about 11,900'.

      Interested runners can contact me at EricksonZoo@... or
      tim.erickson@.... Be sure to put "Interested in the
      West Lost Creek Loop" in the subject. Or they can call me at


      Big Horn Carpool

      Ben Nachtrieb writes:

      "Hello is anyone interested in carpooling to the Big Horn Trail Ultra
      Run in Dayton, WY? One other person and I are probably going to leave
      around 9am on Thurs the 17th of June and return on Sunday the 20th of
      June in the afternoon. I am running the 100 and he is running the 50.
      There are 30k's and 50k's too. Check out the website by doing a google
      search for it. We will be driving a minivan so there is plenty room.
      Or maybe you want to volunteer for the race? Come along. Let me know
      asap though."

      Cell: 303 859 0948


      ** Trail Rating - 1-5 scale, 1 being the easiest.
      T = technical difficulty (rocks, narrow, curves, etc.)
      P = physical difficulty (length, steepness and number of climbs)
      N = navigational difficulty (ease of following the routes)

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