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  • Adam Feerst
    + Thursday evening run: Chimney Gulch/Lookout Mtn (T=2, P=3) + Saturday s Evergreen Runners Circle run: Evergreen Lake House + Trail races, Clinics and other
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2003
      + Thursday evening run: Chimney Gulch/Lookout Mtn (T=2, P=3)
      + Saturday's Evergreen Runners Circle run: Evergreen Lake House
      + Trail races, Clinics and other upcoming events
      + Other weekend outings and carpool opportunities

      This Thursday's run is at Chimney Gulch/Lookout Mtn (T=2, P=3). We
      will meet here snow or moonlight. The main group will start at
      6:15pm. Linda Jagger has agreed to lead an early, daylight group at
      4:30pm. They will run the same route. You can contact her at

      Directions: Meet at the dirt turnout, at the first hairpin turn, just
      above the pillars. Take hwy 6 to Golden. Turn west at Lookout
      Mtn/19th ave. The turnout is about 3/4-mile up, just above the
      pillars. There's a porta-potty in the small park on the left, below
      the pillars.

      Route: There are road and trail options. The directions below send
      everyone up on the trail, with the return on the road. You can take
      the trail down. If you don't feel comfortable on trails at night,
      take the road both ways. It's a good hill workout and there isn't
      much traffic. The road options are longer than the trails.

      Up: Run up the road about 1/2-mi, then look for the trail on the
      left. Head up the trail for about 2 mi. Cross the road at Windy
      Saddle and continue along the trail on the other side. In another 1/4-
      mi, go left at the next trail junction. Do not take the hiker only
      Beaver Brook trail. There's another trail junction about a mile
      further up. The faster runners, should take a sharp right and
      continue about another 1/3-mi to the Boettcher Mansion. Intermediate
      runners taking the road back should stay left and continue ~1/3 mi to
      Lookout Mtn Park. Slower runners may want to turn and return to Windy
      Saddle before this point.

      Return options: Judge your time accordingly so that will get back to
      the finish in about an hour. There are two options from the Boettcher
      Mansion. The shorter option is to go left on the road to Lookout Mtn
      Rd. Then go left to Lookout Mtn Park. For a longer option, take the
      trail (or road) around the right side of Boettcher Mansion. Go left
      at Lookout Mtn rd and continue to the park.

      From the park, there are two options. Go left into the park and look
      for a single track; or return on the single track if you came up the
      trail. If you took the trail up to the park, return on the same
      trail. Go right at the next two trail junctions and continue to Windy
      Saddle. Or, take the windy Lookout Mtn road down. From Windy Saddle,
      you can either take the trail or road down.

      For more info and a map, go to:
      click on Files
      click on Trails
      open Lookout-Chimney
      The above route description slightly from the file because of the


      This Saturday's Evergreen Runners Circle (ERC) run is at the
      Evergreen Lake House. The run starts at 8:30am sharp.

      Directions: Take the Evergreen Parkway, hwy 74, exit 252 from I-70.
      Continue through Bergen Park, past Elk Meadow, about 6 miles, down
      the hill to the lake. At the bottom of the hill, just before the road
      turns left at the lake, turn right onto Upper Bear Creek Rd. Go about
      1/4 mile and turn left into the parking lot.

      The ERC runs are usually about an hour long. Sometimes a few people
      will meet early or continue after the run to get in more mileage.
      They usually go out for coffee/breakfast afterwards. I don't lead
      these runs, so please don't ask me the questions. For more info about
      the ERC schedules, go to:

      11/15: Beaver Brook trail, Genesee
      11/22: Alderfer/3 Sisters


      11/15; Posture and Flexibility clinic; Englewood; mroben@...,

      11/22; Scapegoat; 20km Orienteering; Florrisant; www.rmoc.org


      Looking for company on a long weekend run? Want to carpool to a
      mountain race, Incline Club run or other outing? Let me know and I'll
      send out the word. Please send me specific information about where
      and when you want people to meet, or how to contact you. Try to send
      me the information a week in advance so I have time to get it into my
      weekly message. Please don't wait for me to plan everything!
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