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    This is a reminder of how the DenverTrailRunners (DTR) works. Why do I send this message? Because the group has grown tremendously. ALL of the information you
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 1, 2003
      This is a reminder of how the DenverTrailRunners (DTR) works.

      Why do I send this message? Because the group has grown tremendously. ALL of the information you should need is in the messages and/or at the Yahoo site. The group is FREE. I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO RESPOND TO EVERY INDIVIDUAL REQUEST OR QUESTION. I don't get any money from this, so PLEASE do me the favor of reading this.


      We are an informal group that likes running trails. Informal means: no dues, no sign-ups, no t-shirts. Just show up and have fun. You don't have to be on the e-group to join in.

      The goal is to get people together, discover new trails, help find training partners, and to have fun.

      All ages, abilities and interests are welcome - really. We have people from 10 to 70; from low 30s 10k speed to 70:00+; from roadies, to people training for Pikes and Imogene, to ultra-runners training for Hardrock or Leadville, to adventure racers, to those who just getting out on the trails.

      We can do whatever you want. I am just the guy who organizes the Thursday runs and sends out the messages. Anything else you want to happen is up to you.

      Several in the group also do triathlons, adventure racing, bike racing, etc. So, you may see some of us riding the trails before/after the runs. You are welcome to join us. Just ask someone at one of the runs. Check out some of the links below, or at the Yahoo site.


      Communications is done through the Yahoo group. I send out a weekly e-newsletter with information about the weekly runs and other events. This is not a discussion group. In other words, you cannot post messages to the group without my approval. If you have information to send to the group, please send it to me (DenverTrailRunners-owner@yahoogroups.com) the week before you want it to be sent out to the group. The newsletter will contain a table of contents at the top, so you can scroll down to the sections you want to read.

      Getting on, off, and changing e-mail is self-service. That information is at the bottom of every group message. Don't ask me to add a friend or change your e-mail.

      The Yahoo site has other valuable info:
      Messages- All old messages. If you need delete the e-mail, you can find it here. Please read some of the recent and older messages to see what we are and have been up to.
      Files- Maps, directions, race apps, and other stuff.
      Links- Links to other trail sites, races, and other sites of interest.


      The main activity is our Thursday night trail runs. The main group usually meets at 6:15pm. Sometimes there is an early group that meets around 5:30pm. There usually is a wide range of abilities in the main group.

      I usually prescribe several courses. The different courses are designed to get everyone back at about the same time. I will include a rating for each trail on technical (how rocky, narrow, slanted, etc) and physical (how steep and long the climbs are) difficulty. The rating is my own, subjective system of 1-5, with 5 being the most difficult. E.g., "T=3, P=4" means moderately the trail is moderately technically difficult and very physically difficult. This is to help those unfamiliar with the trails. Please don't ask me how long the courses are; we run for time, not distance on trails.

      The runs are not intended to be races. Some people hammer; others may hike the whole way. Please don't feel intimated or pressured to run faster than you want. However, once a month, we hold a time trial at Mt. Falcon, 2.5mi, ~1,500'. This is a chance to gauge your progress throughout the season. The time trial is handicapped with the slower runners starting first. We finish at about the same time, then do a slower, group run on the upper trails before heading back down.

      Other trail etiquette:
      * Protect the trails. DO NOT RUN ON MUDDY TRAILS. It speeds erosion and leaves nasty ruts. I will usually specify and alternate location in case of rain. Stay on the "official" trail; STAY OFF: the vegetation and unofficial (social) trails.
      * Be kind and courteous to the fellow users of the trails. Warn others before you pass, smile and say thank-you as you go by.
      * Formally, bikers are supposed to yield to runners; everyone yields to horses; downhill yields to uphill. However, I usually try to yield to bikers. It is easier for me to stop and step off the trail while running than it is for someone on a bike.
      * Be safe. If you don't know the route, take a map. Most trailheads have maps available. Try to stay with someone, especially in some of the more remote sections of the trails.

      Many in the group go out for dinner after the runs. Everyone is welcome. Don't wait for a personal invitation. We will also have potluck picnics after the Thursday night runs about once a month.


      Other stuff happens if you make it happen. Please don't wait for me to plan everything. If you want to "lead" a group run on the weekend, or any other group event, let me know and I will send out the word. "Leading" doesn't mean being the fastest one. It just means designating the time/place, greeting people when they show up, and explaining the course to them.

      There is a small group that runs on Wednesday Mornings. The group meets on many of the same trails for 45-60 minutes before work.

      The Evergreen Runners Circle (ERC) is another free group. They meet on Saturday mornings on trails in the Evergreen area. I will usually include information about their run in the weekly message. Many of the ERC people run with us on Thursday nights, and vice-versa. Find out more info about ERC at:

      We also try to arrange carpools to mountain races and other events. Sometimes we just go up for the race; other times some of us have spent the weekend in the mountains camping before or after the race.

      Over the winter, look for information about and group outings to snowshoeing.

      Let me know about upcoming talks, clinics, TV shows, etc., so I can include the info in my message to the group.

      5. FAQ's

      Please read all the e-mail or the Yahoo site before asking me any questions. If I do not respond to your e-mail or phone call, it's probably because the info is already there for you. Here is an example of some of the messages and questions I will not respond to:

      * "Can you change my address?" Do it yourself with the info at the bottom of EVERY message and at the Yahoo site. Unsubscribe from the old address and subscribe with the new one.
      * "Can you add a friend to the list?" Nope. It's self-service.
      * "I deleted the message. Where is the run?" Go to the Yahoo site to read any old messages.
      * "How do I get to the run?" Directions are in the weekly message. A map is probably in the Files section of the Yahoo site.
      * "How far is the run?" We run for time, not miles on the trail. 1-hour on trails is the equivalent or more of a 1-hour effort on flats, even though the mileage is less. If you want to figure out mileage, figure it out for yourself from the trail map, if the mileage is available.
      * "Am I good enough to run with the group?" YES! All-comers are welcome. We have some people who walk all of the trails. The only way to get better is to get out there. I try to make everyone feel welcome, although sometimes I am rushed. Please don't feel intimidated.
      * "I didn't get the message." The message usually goes out by Tuesday evening. Sometimes, AOL and other ISPs view the DTR messages as spam and automatically filter them out. If you don't' get a message for several weeks, check with your ISP or network administrator and have them take the group off their spam list. You can always read the messages at the Yahoo site.
      * "I just joined your site and look forward to meeting you." I would prefer it if you didn't send me such messages. It's not that I am being inconsiderate. I have enough e-mail to go through. Introduce yourself to me on the trail.
      * "I've been on your group for a while but haven't made it to the runs yet." For the same reason as above, please don't send me this or similar messages. It's great if you can join us; it's fine if you don't.
      * Questions about ERC. Go to their web site and/or contact Dave Caprera. It's not my group.
      * "Can you tell me about this race?" Unless I am the race director, I will probably not respond. I will explicitly state which races I am directing or involved in. Most of the races/events I list are not mine. I try to include the race web site and contact information.
      * "What does T=3, P=4 mean?" Read this message again.

      Thank-you for taking the time to read this.

      Train Smart. See you on the trails.
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