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  • Adam Feerst <runahill@yahoo.com>
    + Wednesday morning run: Chief Hosa + Thursday evening run: Bear Creek Lake Park + Saturday s Evergreen Runners Circle run: TBD + Snowshoe, trail, and other
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2003
      + Wednesday morning run: Chief Hosa
      + Thursday evening run: Bear Creek Lake Park
      + Saturday's Evergreen Runners Circle run: TBD
      + Snowshoe, trail, and other upcoming events: Carpool to Eldora
      + Other weekend outings and carpool opportunities
      + Collegiate Peaks race cancelled?
      + Grand Canyon Run

      The Wednesday's morning run is at Chief Hosa (T=1, P=2) at 6:00am.
      Note the time change. This is a great place to run if it's snowy/icy.

      Take I-70 to the Chief Hosa exit, #253, 1mi west of Genesee. Go
      south, left across the highway if coming from Denver. Go left on the
      dirt frontage road a short distance and park near the Y, just below
      the lodge.


      This Thursday's run is at the Bear Creek Lake Park (T=2, P=1-2) at
      6:15pm. The trails are very runable even in the snow. However, if you
      prefer, read the paved alternative below.

      Take C-470 to Morrison Rd. Go west. Take the first right at Rooney
      Rd, then an immediate right into the dirt lot, across from the Conoco
      Station. Meet in the lot.

      You can avoid the typical C-470 congestion by taking I-70 to the
      Morrison/Golden exit (#259), go south about 4 miles to Morrison, turn
      left (east), then look for the Conoco station on your left.

      Route: We'll follow Dave's route. Start on the bike path on the south
      side of Morrison road and follow it into under C-470. Just before the
      park, go right across the bridge then an immediate left on the single
      track. After ~150 yards, go through the parking lot, cross the road,
      and pick up the path on the other side. This is a bit less than a
      mile from the start. Follow this path along the south side of Bear
      Creek. It starts as a single track, then turns to a wide dirt path by
      the exercise stations. After about a mile along the trail, as the
      path curves right and starts to climb gradually, take a single track
      on the left over a small hill. This will lead you to a large, dirt
      parking lot. As you enter the lot, turn south and run across the top
      end of the lot. At the far end, look for some large rocks marking a
      trail. Go between the rocks, down a short hill, through about 20
      yards of sand, to the creek. Cross the small creek on the rocks. This
      is a fairly easy crossing. On the other side, go left and follow the
      single track to the paved road at the base of Mt. Carbon.

      Slower runners should turn left here and follow the road along the
      base of the dam. At the far end, go left on the main park road. About
      2/3 mile later, the road takes a sharp left, goes down a steep
      descent, then make a sharp right hand turn. From here you have two
      choices. The easy way is to stay on the road back to the bike path.
      The other way is to take the trail along the north side of the creek.
      About 20 yards after the right, go left by a chain and onto the trail.

      The fast and middle runners will climb the trail up Mt. Carbon. At
      the top, stay on the dirt to the left of the golf cart path. Look for
      a small trail heading down the north side. The trail can be hard to
      find at night. It shouldn't be more than about 30-45 seconds after
      the gazebo (if it's still there) at the top of Mt. Carbon. This path
      will take you down to the road atop the dam from the west side. Go
      through the fence and go left, across the top of the dam. At the far
      end, the middle runners should take a sharp left down the road, then
      follow the slow routes back. The faster runners will go across the
      road and take some trails before coming down to the main park road
      further up. Just follow the lights. We will probably cross the road
      and take the trail on the north side of the creek back.

      Alternative paved route: Start on the bike path with the rest of us.
      As you enter the park, don't cross the first bridge and stay on the
      road heading east. You should start to see the lights heading your
      way as you get close to the dam. Look to the right across the lake,
      or on the road atop the dam. You can turn around at the dam, or go
      left and run to the top before turning around. Return the same way.


      The Evergreen Runners Circle (ERC) meets Saturdays at 8:30am sharp.
      Dave hasn't put up a new schedule with this week's run. Check the ERC
      web site later in the week.

      The ERC runs are usually about an hour long. Sometimes a few people
      will meet early or continue after the run to get in more mileage.
      They usually go out for coffee/breakfast afterwards. I don't lead
      these runs, so please don't ask me the questions. For more info about
      the ERC schedules, go to:


      Several of us are doing the Screamin' Snowman race at Eldora on
      Sunday. I know some people are doing the Salomon race on Saturday. E-
      mail, with what part of town you are coming from, if you are
      interested in carpooling to either of these races. The Swift
      Skedaddle, on 3/8, is another race I highly encourage you to do. I
      hope to have some carpools to that event.

      Upcoming events:

      2/8; Outdoor DIVAS snowshoe demo; tours, prizes, instruction; Eldora;

      2/8; Salomon Nordic Series #4; 5km, also ski races; Frisco Nordic
      Center; www.emgcolorado.com; emgmh@...; 303-635-2815

      2/8; Silverton Snowshoe Race; 5km/10km; Kendall Mtn Recreation Area;
      www.ci.silverton.co.us; silverton@...; 970-387-5522

      2/9; Steamboat Nordic Challenge; 4-10km, also nordic races; Howelson
      Hill; www.steamboatxcski.org; xcski@...; 970-879-8180

      2/9; Screamin' Snowman; 5/10km, 10km is qualifier for US Snowshoe
      Assoc Championships; Eldora, Nederland; www.racingunderground.com;

      2/9; The Frosty Trail; Trail; 12.5k-25k-50k; Chatfield State Park;

      2/15; Mt. Taylor Quadrathlon; Multi; bike, run, ski, snowshoe;
      Grants, NM; www.mttaylorquad.org; 800-748-2142

      2/15, 6pm; Hula Moon Snowshoe Showdown; Telluride;

      2/15-16; Winter Trails Day; Free Demos; Estes Park;

      2/19&22; Snowshoe Clinic; Rocky Mtn Natl Park; Boulder Outdoor
      Center, 303-444-8420; www.boc123.com

      2/21; One from the Heart Uphill; snowshoe race/tour; Buttermilk,
      Aspen; 970-925-7429

      2/22; Beaver Creek Snowshoe Adventure Series #3; 5/10km, kiddie K,
      dash for cash; Beaver Creek; www.bcsnowshoe.com; 970-476-6797 x108

      2/22; AARP/Redfeather Snowshoe Festival; Winter Park;
      www.aarp.org/co/; 303-830-2277

      2/22; Steamboat Nordic Challenge; 4-10km, also nordic races; Lake
      Catamount; www.steamboatxcski.org; xcski@...; 970-879-8180

      2/22; Devil's Thumb Adventure Race; www.emgcoloraco.com; 303-635-2815

      2/22, 4:30pm; Luna Chase Snowshoe; 5km nighttime event; Keystone; 800-

      2/22, 6:30pm; Pedal Power Series #4 - Vail Mountain Ascent; Vail;
      pedalpwr@...; 970-845-0931

      2/23-25; Special Olympics State Games; Volunteers Needed; Copper Mtn;
      www.specialolympicsco.org; 800-277-5767

      2/25; Francie's Cabin Volunteer Day; 2mi ski or snowshoe race to the
      cabin; www.summithuts.org; 970-453-8583

      2/28; Destination Snowshoe Camp/Clinic; instructional clinic &
      lodging; Twin Lakes; www.mount-elbert.com; mtelbert@...; 800-

      3/1; Wild Hare snowshoe trek for women; 5km; Devil's Thumb;
      www.thesportingwoman.com; 303-316-8392

      3/1; Steamboat Nordic Challenge; 4-10km, snowshoe and nordic races;
      Vista Verde, Steamboat Springs; www.steamboatxcski.org;
      xcski@...; 970-879-8180

      3/4; Mother of All Ascensions snowshoe race/tour; Snowmass; 970-923-
      2000 x210

      3/5&8; Snowshoe Clinic; Rocky Mtn Natl Park; Boulder Outdoor Center,
      303-444-8420; www.boc123.com

      3/8; Swift Skedaddle Snowshoe Race#2; 3/10k; Frisco Nordic Center;
      www.active.com/event_detail.cfm?event_id=1026004; 970-262-0477

      3/8; Steamboat Pentathlon; downhill ski, xc ski, snowshoe, bike, run;
      Steamboat; www.ci.steamboat.co.us/recreation/pentalon.htm

      3/9; Winter Triathlon Race Series #3; Multi; 10km run-20km mtn bike-
      15km ski; USAT Winter Triathlon Championship; Snow Mtn Ranch, Fraser;

      3/9; Alfred Packer; Trail; 13.1mi, 26.2mi, 39.3mi; Chatfield State
      Park; www.coachweber.com

      3/15; Beaver Creek Snowshoe Adventure Series #4; 5/10km, kiddie K,
      dash for cash; Beaver Creek; www.bcsnowshoe.com; 970-476-6797 x108

      3/15; America's Uphill snowshoe race; 3+mi, 3,000'+; Aspen;

      3/15; Little Rincon Rogaine; ROG; 12hr&24hr; Tucson, AZ;

      3/15, 7pm; Night snowshoe race & party; Durango Mtn Resort; Andrew
      Bielecki, 970-349-6366

      3/15; Tubbs Snowshoes Romp to Stop Out Breast Cancer; Frisco Nordic
      Center; www.tubbssnowshoes.com; 800-882-2748

      3/22; Snowshoe-Orienteering; Squaw Pass; www.rmoc.org; I am setting
      the course.

      3/22; Sally Barber Stomp; 5k snowshoe; www.greatadventuresports.com;

      3/26&29; Snowshoe Clinic; Rocky Mtn Natl Park; Boulder Outdoor
      Center, 303-444-8420; www.boc123.com

      3/29; US Snowshoe Assoc Natl Championships; 5/10km; near Salt Lake,
      UT; www.sports-am.com; sports-am@...; 801-583-6281; James Zwick

      3/30; Orienteering meet; Chatfield State Park; www.rmoc.org

      4/5; Snowshoe Shuffle; 5/10km & 1mi; Vail; www.vvmc.com/snowshoe.htm;
      303-694-2030 or 970-569-7485

      4/9&12; Snowshoe Clinic; Rocky Mtn Natl Park; Boulder Outdoor Center,
      303-444-8420; www.boc123.com

      4/12; K-9 Uphill; 2,000' over 2 miles on snowshoes w/your dog;
      www.sundogathletics.com; 970-925-1069


      Every Sunday, the Incline Club meets to run in the Pikes Peak area.
      It's a large group with wide range of abilities. The runs start at
      8am sharp and usually go for 2-3.5 hours. Let me know if you are
      interested in carpooling down to the run on this or future Sundays.
      Send me a message and include what part of town you will be coming
      from. For more info on these runs, go to www.inclineclub.com.

      Clark Fox is always looking for fellow powder hounds on the weekends.
      He usually goes tele-skiing, but welcomes company if you just want to
      go snowshoeing or otherwise play in the snow. For info, contact him
      at cfox@...

      I plan on going to Snow Mtn Ranch this Sunday and would welcome
      company. I will probably go up early to help out at the triathlon
      (10am start), then go skate skiing afterwards, around 12 or 1pm. You
      can also go classic style or backcountry skiing, or snowshoeing
      there. Company is welcome.

      Looking for company on a weekend run, ski, snowshoe, or other such
      stuff? Want to carpool to a snowshoe race? Let me know and I'll send
      out the word. Please send me specific information about where and
      when you want people to meet, or how to contact you. Please try to
      send me the information a week in advance. Don't wait for me to plan


      As you may have heard, the Collegiate Peaks trail race, 25mi & 50mi,
      May 3, has been cancelled this year because the race director doesn't
      have time. However, Tom Sobal and some others have commitments from
      enough volunteers to put on the race and also get the permits.
      However, Tom is not willing to be the race director. If someone, or a
      group, is willing to take on the responsibility, the race can still
      go on. If interested, contact Tom at tsobal@...


      A few of us are planning to run at the Grand Canyon this spring. Some
      are planning a double crossing, south rim-north-rim-south rim, 42-48
      miles depending on your route, with 11,000' of climbing. Shorter
      options are available. Some of us may add a stop in Moab for some mtn
      biking on the way out and/or back. This helps break up the drive. It
      would end up being a 4 or 5 day weekend. We would probably camp at
      the south rim. If you've never been there, it's a must see, even if
      you don't want to run. A couple of possible weekends are April 19 (I
      know it's Easter) or 26. Earlier and the water might not be turned on
      along the trail to the north rim; later and it gets very hot down at
      the river. Let me know if you are interested and which date you
      prefer. It's not too early to start planning.
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