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DTR Thursday run - March 21st - North Table

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    This week s run is at North Table Mountain from Tony Grampsas Park. The early group meets at 5:30pm; the main group starts at 6:15. To get to Tony Grampsas
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 20, 2013
      This week's run is at North Table Mountain from Tony Grampsas Park. The early group meets at 5:30pm; the main group starts at 6:15.

      To get to Tony Grampsas Park: Exit I-70 to Hwy 58. Exit McIntyre St. Go north, and almost immediately take a left at the first light on 44th. Take your second right on Salvia St. Park in the parking area.
      See: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=215661891787028122141.0004ba967858b74e1400d&msa=0&ll=39.779387,-105.171089&spn=0.070843,0.154324&iwloc=0004ba96a02342eabb69f

      Directions: Links for maps to all DTR locations are at http://dtr.runuphillracing.com/

      Run notes: Sunset is at 7:12pm, civil twilight ends at 7:39pm, so you may need a light for the very end of the run. There will be a moon (just past 1st quarter).
      This run takes us up the east side of North Table. We do not currently have a map for this. However, the North Table Map (http://www.dtr.runuphillracing.com/maps/DTR-NTable.html) shows the trails on the mesa (from the west side) and will be useful once you get off the neighborhood trail. We head west from the park, cross a bridge and a dirt road, and get right on the trail. From there the trail climbs up and north to intersect with the N. Table trails. Take a left and continue to the top of the mesa. PLEASE print a map if you are not familiar with the trails.

      DTR runs are not races. We ask the faster runners to start slowly, to keep the group together for the first few minutes. After that, we spread out and naturally form smaller sub-groups and run different routes. Typically there are 3-4 different routes at each run, designed so that runners of different abilities can start and finish at about the same time. Please review the maps and routes, and pick the appropriate route for you. Don't necessarily follow the people in front of you. More information on selecting an appropriate route is at

      We ask experienced runners to wait at key intersections to help guide newer runners.

      Bring warm and dry clothing for after the run.

      Everyone is invited to join us for dinner after the run. We will pick a nearby restaurant.

      Carpool: If you are interested in sharing a ride to/from any of the DTR runs, please post a message on our Facebook page,

      Weather, cam and traffic links:
      Hwy speed maps and traffic cams - http://cotrip.org/
      Jeffco weather and cam - http://www.co.jefferson.co.us/weather.htm
      Natl Weather Svc forecast in (pick the appropriate one below)
      Golden (Apex, lower Lookout, N & S Table) - http://tinyurl.com/5dkvvw

      Moon phase: http://www.almanac.com/moon/calendar/CO/Denver/
      Moon rise/set: http://www.almanac.com/moon/rise/CO/Denver/
      Sunrise/set - http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/astronomy.html?n=75
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