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Alfred Packer question

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  • Adam Feerst
    From: Rouhana Mansour Date: Wed Feb 28, 2001 10:25pm Subject: Alfred Packer Trail Run Is there anybody in this group that will be running
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2001
      From: Rouhana Mansour <rmiv1971@...>
      Date: Wed Feb 28, 2001 10:25pm
      Subject: Alfred Packer Trail Run

      Is there anybody in this group that will be running the Alfred Packer
      Trail Run? Is there anybody here that has ran it in the past and if so
      is there any advice you would like to share?

      Here are my comments and advice. Anyone else out there with comments?

      I did the AP double marathon in 1999, and have done several of Scott's
      races in the past.

      If you've done any of Scott's other races, this course is different.
      Scott goes out of his way to find especially "interesting" challenges
      for this race. There are not any major hills in Chatfield, but that
      doesn't mean the course is flat. Much of the first half of the 13.1
      mile loop is a series of short, but steep ups and downs. Some of the
      hills are through brush; some are in soft, slow, energy sapping sand.
      The course is almost all on dirt. If it's dry, the footing will be
      good. If there is recent snow or rain, the trails can be sloppy or
      rutted. Expect the trail conditions to change as it warms up.

      You will wade through the Platte probably twice per loop. The water
      will be cold, and may be thigh deep (hip deep for Laurie). So, wear
      warm clothes, but stuff that will dry quickly. You will also go through
      a 3/4 mile, shoe sucking swamp. Make sure your shoes are on snugly.
      Don't try to tip-toe along the edge. The quickest way through is to
      just jump in and wade down the middle. It is about 4 miles after the
      swamp before you wade through the Platte again and get to clean off
      some of the swamp. If you are doing more than 1 loop, you may want to
      consider changing shoes and socks after each loop.

      You may do a 2 mile loop at the start of each lap that takes you back
      to the s/f area. If so, you can make it a little easier by doing it
      without any gear; pick up your pack on the way through to the other 11
      miles. Typically there is one, self-serve aid station at about mile 6.
      Plan accordingly.

      Scott changes the course a little each year, so check out the latest
      details at www.coachweber.com.

      Re Scott's races in general: I think they are fun, and he offers a
      different course than you would find at almost any other race in the
      area. However, I think they are expensive for what you get. If you are
      used to paying $200 or more for an ultra, then $40-$50 seems like a
      bargain. However, if you are used to getting great support, a goodie
      bag full of great stuff, and good post-race food and stuff, then you
      will be disappointed.


      Adam Feerst
      When in doubt, run uphill

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