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    This is just a reminder of how the DenverTrailRunners group works. Please take a few minutes to read the information. We are an informal group that likes
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 1, 2002
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      This is just a reminder of how the DenverTrailRunners group works. Please take a few minutes to read the information.

      We are an informal group that likes running trails. Informal means: no dues, no sign-ups, no t-shirts. Just show up and have fun.

      The runs are open to people of all age and ability - really. We have people from ages 13 to over 60; sub-35 10k pace to 70+ min.; people running hard to those just out for a stroll. Please don't be intimidated. We will try to make you feel welcome.

      I send out a regular (usually weekly) newsletter type message with information about upcoming events. There is a table of contents at the top of every message. If for some reason you don't get a message (there have been ocassional problems with hotmail, AOL, and other accounts), you can view the messages at the Yahoo site.
      If you have questions or comments about the group, please send them to Adam at runahill@...; DO NOT REPLY TO THE GROUP ADDRESS! Please only ask questions after you have checked the info on the Yahoo site.

      This is not a discussion group. Only the moderators can post messages. If you have something for the group, send it to me and, if appropriate, I may include the info in the newsletter. Absolutely no soliciting allowed!

      The main activity is the Thursday night runs. These will be on trails from April through October. They will continue over the winter at a mix of urban and suburban locations. The locations are always subject to last minute changes due to weather. We will not run on muddy trails!!

      Some of us also run with the Evergreen Trail Runners Circle on Saturday mornings, an informal, free group. Go to: http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Lodge/7018/index.html

      People are always interested in weekend runs. I train every weekend, but will only promote my runs to the group if it is convienent with my schedule. However, it's your group. I just send out the messages. So, let me know if you have any ideas and/or want to lead an outing. "Leading" doesn't mean being the fastest one. All it means is picking a time and location (please include explicit directions), gathering people together at the start and explaining the course to them. Send me the info and I will send it out to the group.

      We can put together carpools to races in the mountains. Let me know if you have or need a ride.

      There will also be snowshoe outings over the winter.

      The Yahoo site has some other neat features:
      Messages-Current and old messages. This is a great way to see what we are/have been doing.
      Calendar (Requires a Yahoo ID)-Lists all group activities, trail races, and other events of interest. Events starting with "**" indicate a group activity. Events with "*" are popular races that many of us are going to, and for which we will probably have some carpools.
      Bookmarks-Links to trail races and other running sites.
      Files-Race applications, Maps, and other useful information.
      Edit My Membership (requires a Yahoo ID)-Allows you to change your group settings such as choosing to view messages on the web rather than receiving e-mail, a good idea if you are going on vacation.
      Database-Will contain results from the Falcon Time Trial.

      Getting on and off the list, changing e-mail addresses, etc., is self-service. Please don't ask me to add/delete you or a friend, or change your e-mail address. Refer to the information at the bottom of every group message.

      Thanks for your time.
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