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Thursday run, 4/5

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    * Thursday Night Run * Thursday/Weekend Run Guidelines * April Events * FAWAP * Getting friends on the list It s daylight savings time. That means it s time to
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2001
      * Thursday Night Run
      * Thursday/Weekend Run Guidelines
      * April Events
      * FAWAP
      * Getting friends on the list

      It's daylight savings time. That means it's time to run the trails.

      There has been a lot of new interest over the winter, and a surprising
      pre-season (there were 7 of us running the stairs in the snow and dark
      last week). There are 171 people on the e-list. So, it looks like we
      are going to have a great group this season.

      This Thursday's run is at South Table Mtn., a new location for us.
      Meet at the NREL visitors lot on Denver West Parkway. Please do not


      From 6th Ave. - Exit at Indiana Ave. Go north (right from downtown) to
      Colfax. Turn right to Denver West Marriot Blvd, just past the shopping
      center. Turn left and go over I-70 to the stop sign. Turn left on
      Denver West Parkway. Continue about 2 blocks to the lot, just before
      the guard gate.

      From I-70 - Exit at Denver West Blvd. Go north (left from Evergreen)
      to the stop sign. Follow the directions above.

      There will be two start times - 5:15pm and 6:15pm. Since this is a new
      location, I will try to be there for both groups. It's a quick jaunt
      to the top. Then, there are a variety of routes you can take. There
      aren't clearly defined routes, maps or trail signs like at other
      parks. So, I will try to mark a few key points with flour so you can
      find your way. Once you make a left onto the main trail atop, you
      should run an out and back. The later group should be back no later
      than 7:30.


      The Thursday runs are free and open to anyone, whether or not they are
      on the e-list. I will usually pre-define a route, start times, and
      length (in time), but you are free to do what you want. Here are a few

      Be safe - Run with someone. Let me know if you leave early. I may
      leave a sign out sheet on my car (brown Saturn). Or, if you are going
      for a longer run, let someone know or, phone or e-mail me after you
      get back. You are responsible for yourself, but it's a good idea to
      look out for eachother.

      Be courteous - We share the trails with the public. Be a good
      neighbor. Announce your presence before you pass. Yield to horse and
      people going uphill. Bikes are supposed to yield to runners, but it's
      often easier for me to stop and step off the trail.

      Trail - DO NOT USE THE TRAIL IF IT'S MUDDY. Footprints and tire tracks
      leave ruts when they dry that make the trail difficult to use and add
      to erosion. In case of weather, we may have an alternate location.
      Check my phone line on Thursday afternoon, 303-282-3921. Stay on the
      trail! Running through the brush destroys vegetation and causes

      Dogs - Where dogs are allowed, on most trails, they are welcome on the
      runs. Leashes are almost always required by law. This is not only to
      protect other runners, but wildlife as well. Chasing a rabbit or deer
      may seem harmless, but it puts unnecessary stress on a fragile
      ecosystem. Even if you have the friendliest dog in the world, other
      runners may not know that or may be afraid of dogs. It is your
      responsibility to keep your dog in control. There are snakes on some
      of the trails, so you may not want to take your dog there.

      I will send out a message every week with the trail location and
      directions. Please do not RSVP!

      I will periodically put some runs together on the weekends. These will
      fit around my training schedule. However, I am always open for
      suggestions, and will willingly publicize outings to the group that
      you want to lead or have company on.

      We will often put together carpools for races or training runs. Let me
      know in advance if you are interested in offering a ride or need a
      ride to an event.

      Here are some April events:

      4/7-Sun Dog's K-9 Uphill, a snowshoe event for dogs and their people,
      2,000' vertical over a 2.5 mile route - Buttermilk Mtn. Aspen, CO
      10:00 a.m. - 970-925-1069, www.sundogathletics.com

      4/7 - Mile High Metric Trail Challenge 25K, 50K, 100K - Chatfield
      State Park, Littleton, CO - 303-973-7575, www.coachweber.com

      4/21-CMRA Chuck Weaver Memorial 5mi run, Red Rocks, 9am, 303-791-3384.
      It's on the roads, but it's hilly. It's a fun and low cost event, $5.


      The no FAWAP (no: Fee, Awards, Wimps, Aid, Permits) is a FREE
      adventure race on April 14. It is designed to introduce people to
      adventure racing, and to give teams a chance to train in a realistic
      type setting. The event will involve mtn biking, running and
      navigation. It will start at Chatfield/Waterton Canyon, and finish in
      Buffalo Creek. There will be at least one point along the course where
      you will change from bikes to running, or vice-versa. So, a crew is
      needed to transport bikes, and people back from the finish.

      If you are interested in participating, contact Ken Lotze at
      treemoss2@..., 303-985-2101. You can come with your own group, or
      he also has several individuals and he will form them into teams.

      If you are interested in crewing, I am sure several teams could use
      some help. Let Ken or me know.


      Getting on and off the list is self-service. If you have friends who
      are interested, have them go to the Yahoo site. You don't need to be
      on the site to join the runs.
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