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Holiday runs and Snowshoeing

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  • runuphillracing
    Next week, on Thursday, Dec. 18, will be our annual holiday run and party. It will be at Gayle & Rueben s house, in Golden. We ll meet there at 6:15, go for a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2008
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      Next week, on Thursday, Dec. 18, will be our annual holiday run and
      party. It will be at Gayle & Rueben's house, in Golden. We'll meet
      there at 6:15, go for a group run, then return for the party.

      The run will be social, meaning that we'll all stay together, so it
      will be an easy pace for the faster runners. There will be a special
      surprise on the run. We'll keep it to an hour or less.

      The party will be a potluck.

      I'll be making screwshoes for anyone who wants, for a nominal fee.

      Everyone is invited, whether you've run with us or not.

      Details will be sent out next week.

      The following two Thursdays fall on holidays. I don't know if Shad
      will be leading the regular Wed evening runs on X-Mas and NY eves. I
      don't know if there's interest in or how people feel about a X-Mas day
      run. We usually have a NY Day outing, run or snowshoe. I won't be
      planning any this year. We're looking for others to lead the way. It's
      easy to do. Just send it out to the group,
      DenverTrailRunners@yahoogroups.com, with the following info:
      Length (time or miles)
      Approx Pace(s)
      Brief description of the route(s), if not already on the web site
      Any other info you think people might be interested in.
      Contact info

      Try to keep it brief, but include enough info so that people won't
      wonder or ask a lot of questions.

      There's been some interest in snowshoe outings. These have been
      popular every winter. I expect and hope they will happen. As above, I
      don't have time to organize them myself. If they're going to happen,
      we need others to step up and lead.
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