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Fw: Take a stand against extremism this Saturday.

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    Nick Boise,Idaho ... From: Drinking Liberally - Boise To: leftinidaho@yahoo.com Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2009 3:33:24 PM
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      Subject: Take a stand against extremism this Saturday.

      And: can you believe our next Drinking Liberally is next week, Wednesday, September 16? C'mon down to Ha'Penny!


      Please take a stand against extremism this Saturday at 11:45 at the Capitol Park (6th and Jefferson). If you can't (or even if you can!) make it, please forward this email to friends.

      The gloves are off, apparently. Yep, the extremists were out in force last Wednesday, yelling so loudly that we, a small group in front of the courthouse holding a pro-health insurance reform rally, couldnt even hear our speakers talk. The folks (some with preschool children in tow) screamed at a minister, calling her ignorant. They yelled at an American citizen to go back where you came from as he talked about his wifes cancer. They screamed that we wanted to kill grandma.

      Youve seen them on TV and heard them on the radio. IGNORING THEM IS NOT MAKING THEM GO AWAY. Its time we show them that screaming at peaceful people is not the way to make public policy. Its rude. Its embarrassing. Its undemocratic.

      The mediaespecially the local medialove these racist, paranoid extremists. Their shouts are working! Lets show the media and these wackos that we disagree. And we can disagree without screaming.

      The Boise Tea Party is having a rally and march on Saturday, September 12. (http://app.bronto.com/public/?q=ulink&fn=Link&ssid=11278&id=kaqf1gt15g7h8h6v5s20cyb9taegu&id2=16ydbu0ujc69lauxsemiw88pn9wl9)

      Its time the tea baggers (and the local media) saw what an effective, respectful counter-protest looks like.

      TIME: 11:45 AM, Saturday, September 12

      PLACE: The grassy corner of 6th and Jefferson in Capitol Park (the park in front of the capitol building).

      WEAR: Black. Bring American flags if youve got em.

      SAY: Nothing. This will be a SILENT protest. (Believe me, its harder than it sounds.)


      CONTACT: Whitney, whitnuld@...

      Please forward this email!

      Please dont post this widely, and instead forward it on via email or controlled websites (such as your Facebook page). Itll only get the nuts all the more lathered up. Lets rally the troops from behind the scenes as much as we can.

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