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Re: Lefty Nick 'n Righty Steve debate 08

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  • Nick B
    ================================================================== he he he , , , HA !  Keep tryin Steve-O , my friend . But please ,  come up with
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2008
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      he he he , , , HA !  Keep tryin' Steve-O , my friend . But please ,  come up with something that has like ,  substance  . You probably believe "BigHead" Bill (loofa) O'Really when he laughingly calls the DailyKOS   " ...the SAME as Nazis & the KKK..." , but KOS debunked this Obama birth certificate Crap weeks ago , just search the site .

       IF ,  ya can handle the Truth that is .

      BTW , I predict Palin will "...withdraw for family reasons..." just before the VP debate , but her replacement will have prepared in secret for (hint hint) WEEKS ! The "vagina vote" strategy from McSame is a total BUST ! You would not believe the GLEE with which I greeted Palin's nomination as the Most unqualified putative Veep EVER to be a "...(72yr old) heartbeat  away from the Presidency..."  . I'm trying to hold down my schadenfreude ... but it's SO difficult . To paraphrase Robert (Repub Shill) Duval in "Apocalypse Now " ; " I LOVE the smell of Victory in the morning ! "


      ps: I love your tag for me , "Left Nick" ! I would be Proud and Honored if ya changed it to "Lefty Nick" . Ya gotta admit it sounds so much more subversive . And as DRUG Rush LimBAHH  says ; " I wear your (RePIGS in general) disdain as a badge of Honor."

      pps: I bought a (Su-WEET) 1974 Mercedes 280C a coupla years ago , and while I don't usually put big signs on it like I did my (now dead) pick-up truck , I couldn't resist having  one up today about hypocrite Republicons , check out my attachments for the pics-o-protest . I included soma my truck pics 'cause I don't remember if I ever showed them to ya . But take a Valium first , maybe . I love ya Steve ,  much as I LOVE to debate as Dirty as a Republican .


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      To: "Left Nick" <leftinidaho@...>
      Date: Wednesday, September 3, 2008, 12:22 AM

      Here's something that you'll see more of in the coming weeks.


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