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210Re: Flyer and application to particpate in Colonists' Day April 14, 2012

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  • DONNA Moore
    Feb 16, 2012
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      Sounds like a good event to celebrate the founding of New Sweden, however for me, April 14th is the date for Ken Tanner's spring flea market and i need to try to make some money.


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      Subject: Re: Flyer and application to particpate in Colonists' Day April 14, 2012


      Thank you for the prompt response.  We very much appreciated your participation at our 17th century event at the Colonial Penna. Plantation and would like to return the favor.  I am CC'ing this response to a number of individuals and a 17th century blog so that your message will get out to more reenactors.  I will fill out the registration form and send it to you.  Please do let us know how things develop.  I am sure that we can come up with a very fine salute if the City of Wilmington approves.

      Bruce Snyder

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      Subject: Re: Flyer and application to particpate in Colonists' Day April 14, 2012

      Dear Bruce,

      I assume you are one of the re-enactors Janet Anderson, our NSC president,  Ruth Runkle, our NSC educator and I  met recently at the Colonial Plantation. Perhaps you are one who did the battle reenacting which was quite impressive.  We definitely are delighted that you will be participating  in Colonists' Day, as a colonial farmer. I think it would be fine for you to bring a musket.  In fact, if there are enough folks with muskets,we could arrange a musket salute or demonstration  as part of the days activities.   I will need to  make sure if we need a permit.  We are still in the planning stage, so any suggestions you may wish to make would be greatly appreciated.
      Please fill in the application I sent you and return it to us. Include that you will participating as a colonial farmer with a musket.  If you would be willing to demonstrate loading and firing, or willing to participate in
      a gun salute, mention this.   If you know of others that would be interested in participating feel free to forward the information I sent you or send me their name and e-mail and I'll send them the information. This event
      provides a  good opportunity for those who enjoy reenacting to participate in a new venue.  This event will help prepare us for 2013, when we will be celebrating the  375th anniversary of the founding of New Sweden Colony in 1638.
      As the flyer mentions, we have a crew that will be doing a sail by  in the "Little Key" on the Christina River,
      They will be giving a gun salute with a swivel gun mounted on the front of the boat.  Check our web site
      http://www.colonialnewsweden.org/re-enactors10.php we would welcome you as one of our
      regular re-enactors. There is a link on this page  to an application if you would be interested in
      becoming a regular member of our New Sweden Centre reenacting group. 
       I would appreciate it if you would  give me a call at 856-678-5511  so we can discuss this further. If you prefer,send me your phone number and I will call you.

      Aleasa Hogate NSC VP
      Education Director

      In a message dated 2/15/2012 8:27:50 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, buffalobrucedude@... writes:

      I am a volunteer at the Colonial Penna. Plantation in Ridley Creek
      State Park.  I will dress as a 17th century farmer.  Do you want me to
      bring a musket or just come in period dress to mingle with the crowd,
      or whatever?  What time would you want us to be on site to participate?


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      Subject: Flyer and application to particpate in Colonists' Day April
      14, 2012

      You are receiving this because you are either a member of our New
      Sweden Centre,
      someone who has visited our "Experience New Sweden" exhibit, and
      provided your e-mail address, or someone we have met at a program or
      event. If you revceive this and  do not wish to receive future e-mails
      from us, just let us know.
      On April 14th we will be celebrating the landing of the first Swedes
      and Finns in America at the rock where they first stepped ashore from
      11AM through 3PM  This is an educational outreach of New Sweden Centre
      www.colonialnewsweden. Admission is free.
      The wreath ceremony at the Carl Milles monument will be presented by
      the Delaware Swedish Colonial Society, at 11AM   followed by
      entertainment, displays, demonstrations, games for the children.
      . Plus the children can dress up in colonial clothing to have their
      photo taken.
      Holy Trinity "Old Swedes"  Church, a block and a half away will have
      colonial cooking demonstrations in the Hendrickson house and a concert
      at the church in the evening. Check our  calendar of events on our web
      site for updates which will have details on it soon.
      There is a vendor/participant application attached for anyone
      interested in having a display, participating as an reenactor or
      historical organizations who want to promote colonial history.
      Aleasa Hogate
      New Sweden Centre, VP
      Education Director

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