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Re: [DelendaEst] 44. Night Darkens

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  • Lord Silvere
    *If you don t like spoilers, you might not want to read this.* ... *Yeah, there was a fire in my inbox after I posted it.* ... *Good.* ... *I m a rebel.* *Or
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      If you don't like spoilers, you might not want to read this.

      On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 7:01 PM, hjakub@... <non@...> wrote:

      Hello LS
      Sorry it took me over 2 weeks to read you last chapter, but last few weeks were kind of hectic for me. However...I finally read it a I have a few things to say. I don´t expect you to react to them, because doing so (in any way probably) would be massive spoiler from your side on the next (probably) chapter. But I simply need to vent, so here it is.

      1)Let me just say that must be one of the nastier cliffhangers I ever saw in fanfiction a I hope you know some of your readers probably hate you right now.:-)

      Yeah, there was a fire in my inbox after I posted it.

      2)Here comes the part, to which I think you cannot afford any comment because of inevitable spoilerish character of such comment, but I hope next chapter you are about to publish will clear that and you´ll be able to comment retroactively, if you so choose. Simply...if my logic and understanding of your story are correct, then my conclusion is Harry is nor really dead.
      exhibit A)It is stated in AN before first chapter, that they did not know about horcruxes in Harry´s "original timeline". It is not stated that the items/person which were horcruxes in the books differ in the story. Therefore Harry is a Horcrux. And while in the "new timeline/alternate reality/whatever" Voldemort never latched a part of his soul onto Harry, it doesn´t matter since soulpiece of Voldemort from "original timeline" is still present in Harry.


      exhibit B)Some fanfics and also canon books state, that if horcrux is to be vanquished instead of killing the person carrying the horcrux, killing curse must be fired by the horcrux-maker. But clearly you do not follow this principle as is evident in the case of our Crouch jr.

      I'm a rebel. Or maybe I didn't think about that minor rule . . . .

      exhibit C)If exhibits A and B are true (and I believe they are)then horcrux in Harry is vanquished but Harry himself is not dead.
      exhibit D)Wording of your revamped prophecy. Original excerpt "...and either must die by the hand of the other..." is interpreted in such way that it can only mean Voldemort. But your "...and One must die at the hands of the other..."seems to suggest otherwise. The wording of the prophecy and capital "O" clearly means that "One" relates ONLY to the subject of the prophecy, to Harry. While small "o" in "other" in contrast with capital "O" in "One" seems to clearly suggest that the "other" can be anybody. In other words, if instead of Crouch jr. killing curse was fired by Dumbledore, it should have the same results.

      You're thinking more about my prophecy than I did.

      exhibit E)In one of your earlier posts here you stated, that Unspeakable part of Foxe twins (cannot really remember now which Foxe is which) got message from future Bellatrix. Quite frankly I believe Bellatrix would try to achieve different outcome with her time-travelling note, if Harry died, because I think it's clearly established that Bellatrix loves Harry.

      It was Edward, the now Acting Minister. The Foxes are now in favor of Bellatrix being Minister because they know she is the Minister in the future. They will be surprised in the next chapter, though. They did not realize that Bellatrix was Minister Black III. Bellatrix's letter changed relatively little, though. Just ironed out some wrinkles.

      If I had made the letter to Edward Foxe more widely known, I would probably have the final scene of the epilogue feature Bellatrix pouring herself a glass of wine in her office, taking out the letter Edward received and then gave to her, and copying it out on new parchment. There is actually a great deal of sequel potential with alternate universes and dimensions.

      I'll give you a little bit of a spoiler of stuff between the final chapter and epilogue. On Harry's watch, Bellatrix will become the Chief Prosecutor of Death Eater Crimes. From there she will entrench herself into the bureaucracy and eventually replace Edward Foxe as the Chief Unspeakable. While Chief Unspeakable, she will develop a lot of mind boggling spells. Hermione will become Headmistress eventually. She'll always feel like she's in Bellatrix's shadow.

      I often envision a sequel where a group of Order members from a more canon-like world show up at Hogwarts and Hermione tries to help them. Their minds are boggled when Hermione, after trying to reason things out, confesses that she will have to go consult her former mentor, Bellatrix Black.

      3)So there is to be revelation of Harry being a Potter in next chapter, hmh? All seems to be pointing to it. So will we get
      quasi-mother/quasi-son moment between Harry and Lily?:-) Or will we get "awkward Lily" whose kind of freaked out because she had hots for her own son (or rather quasi-son)?:-)

      Might not be next chapter, actually.


      Since there´s a teaser on next chapter at the end of the current one, I kind of hope that the next chapter is nearing its publishing time? Please, please, pretty please with puppy dog eyes.:-))))

      Only one of those things in the teaser actually happens. On the next chapter, I probably got about 2,000 words going so far. It's a harder chapter to write. If any of you remember Voldemort's speech in the forest, I've got to come up with Harry's reply.

      Oh...I also read your test chapter for your Harry/Helena fic and it seems to me another fanfiction gem is in the making. Very excited.

      I'm pretty excited about a lot of the elements. I've already updated some things since writing that test chapter. It still needs work, though.

      Continue your good work LS. Sincerely your hjakub

      Thanks. LS

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