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Re: [DelendaEst] Re: review ch 42

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  • Lord Silvere
    Hrm. Bellatrix s motivation. I think she has always wanted Harry to tell her more about the alternate future, but he has not. Harry s reluctance stems from
    Message 1 of 4 , May 1, 2013
      Hrm.  Bellatrix's motivation. I think she has always wanted Harry to tell her more about the alternate future, but he has not. Harry's reluctance stems from him not really wanting to dwell on that past, natural modesty in that he doesn't want to talk about himself, and then of course, sensitivity to the fact that Bellatrix might not like what she sees. I think Bella is driven by curiosity, mainly.

      Is she trying to control Harry? No. But, Bella does have a need to be in control of her life. She wants a strong foundation. Part of that is becoming aware of any secrets Harry might know about her. As you will see in the upcoming chapter, Bella's reaction is more about taking steps to strengthen her position and less about pitying herself.


      On Wed, May 1, 2013 at 12:07 AM, Thomas Pulk <gallandro_83@...> wrote:

      Thx for the reply I didn't mean to seem too critical of the chapter I thought it was an interesting spin on how to let Harry revel himself and yet leave it open to having not intentionally done so at the same time.

      My comment was more to do with Bella's characterization I'm wondering if her need to view those memories stems more from a need for control of Harry, need for knowledge, can't pass on the mystery, or a mix of all of the above. I was hoping that since she snagged the vial so quickly we would have gotten a little glimpse of her psyche but to me it seemed that we saw her take action and even Bella herself didn't quite know why it happened.

      I'm sorry your other reviewers are being so critical [considering the small hiatus]. I did recently read an article that this is done because it makes the reviewer felt as if they are in a dialogue with the author. I would think if people really wanted to talk about the story that much that more people would be active on the boards.


      --- In DelendaEst@yahoogroups.com, Lord Silvere <lordsilvere@...> wrote:
      > I'm feeling well again and no longer fear a relapse. School is out, and
      > soon I will have a summer job that doesn't send me home with homework. The
      > next chapter is already at 4k.
      > For this round of kumbaya, Harry's goal was to establish that he was indeed
      > from an alternate future and that he had done his best. It proved easier
      > than he previously thought, and he consequently did not end up using a
      > whole lot those memories, though he did use more than I showed in the
      > chapter.
      > I've gotten a lot of grief from folks about Harry going out of his way to
      > show the Order the memories because he strictly did not have to.
      > Ironically, one reviewer screamed at me for having Harry do the reveal that
      > he did not have to do, but then also blistered me for not developing
      > Harry's character. I can't help but wonder what this person thinks
      > character is. Is it not showing characters doing things that they don't
      > have to do????
      > Even if Rose were to be questioned, it would be too soon to show that
      > anyway. I think that the Order's curiosity is sated for this week and maybe
      > even the next. Maybe they'll start pestering Harry for details of the other
      > universe--but maybe they won't. It's not exactly as if it was better.
      > Further--Rose probably will have difficult peering into Harry's alternate
      > future--it doesn't exist anymore, and she would have to see very specific
      > things to make any earth-shattering conclusions.
      > I think a lot of people will be surprised about how the stolen memory
      > situation plays out. Bellatrix turns to booze quite often, but she's also
      > resilient. As for Harry . . . you'll have to see how I handle it.
      > I've also been getting plenty of nasty comments about the "putting the
      > entire memory into a bowl" idea. Well . . . . what's so bad about it? Deus
      > ex machina? In my mind, that phrase is Latin for "You didn't do it the way
      > I wanted it and now I'm angry." As if you're the author . . . golly. But
      > seriously . . . . take the characters involved and break it down . . . .
      > Dumbledore was hoping to pull a coup there . . . the first step of the trap
      > would be get Harry to provide all his memories. He presented some good
      > bait---convenience, simplicity, etc. Harry took the bait. But then, Harry
      > also realized the danger of Dd keeping those memories and took them home.
      > So . . . what's monumentally stupid about that? The flat is the same place
      > they keep the horcruxes. Those are safe . . . . nobody has ever questioned
      > me in a review about that. Well, you say, Harry has no conceivable need to
      > have his memories. Well actually, Harry has some ideas . . . and soon will
      > discover what Bellatrix did because of those ideas.
      > I am definitely excited for some of the possibilities of the H/Helena
      > story. Once again, it is time travel, and I'm hoping to present it in a way
      > so that Harry's gallivanting in the past takes second fiddle to the real
      > storyline--the defeat of Voldemort and of course, the romance. I feel that
      > one of Delenda's main weaknesses is that I was too linear in telling the
      > story . . . people got too comfortable with Harry in the past, wanted him
      > to stay there, and declared that I was idiot crap bad writer when I sent
      > him back to the future (which had been my plan all along).
      > Thanks as always for your detailed analysis and review. :)
      > LS
      > On Tue, Apr 30, 2013 at 9:26 PM, Thomas Pulk <gallandro_83@...>wrote:
      > > **

      > >
      > >
      > > Hey wow thanks for the fast turnaround from your update. I hope that your
      > > health rebounds and that you have an easier time the next couple of months.
      > >
      > > I was surprised that you let Harry take over and mute his own memories. I
      > > was also shocked that you only had him prove the fact that he came from a
      > > different future. Considering how much the forums have seemed to point
      > > toward you revealing him being Harry Potter I expected a bit more
      > > revelation between everyone.
      > >
      > > I am also surprised that Rose wasn't questioned if the glimpses of the
      > > future allowed her to see more of Harry's time. I would expect that now
      > > that Dumbledoor knows Rose is a true seer that he would ask after this. I
      > > at least I expected Rose to peer into her own crystal ball again and try to
      > > catch a peek.
      > >
      > > I do look forward to seeing the conclusion of all the various plots. In
      > > particular I look forward to seeing Bella and Harry now try to get together
      > > after she has stolen his memories. The fact that she did this the same
      > > night he made the copy is actually a little surprising to me I would have
      > > expected her to have little more restraint after all it's not as if Harry
      > > doesn't leave her alone in the house quite a bit. Will we ever get a peek
      > > at her motivation/explanation or is it just part of her pathology.
      > >
      > > The new piece of work you gave us with Harry and Helena is interesting.
      > > The non linear style is obviously a new type for your stories and I'm glad
      > > to see that you're still stretching yourself as an author. I do think it
      > > sounds very interesting and I want to see where it goes but I understand
      > > that starting a new story is a big thing and am more than willing to wait
      > > until life is a little bit more relaxed.
      > >
      > > can't wait for more
      > >
      > > gallandro
      > >
      > >
      > >

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