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The Phantom Horcrux review

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  • bekkajane93
    Hi! Thanks for the update. I have to say I felt kind of sorry for Harry what with Sirius being so snippy. Then again, I have to feel pretty sorry for Sirius
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 16, 2013

      Thanks for the update. I have to say I felt kind of sorry for Harry what with Sirius being so snippy. Then again, I have to feel pretty sorry for Sirius too. This was certainly an interesting chapter in terms of character interactions. I loved reading the different reactions from the order in the last scene. Moody was his usual paranoid self but I'd like to see if that changes next chapter when he gets to see some of Harry's memories, (that is, assuming Harry shows memories of him fighting death eaters alongside the Order). In fact, I think it would be interesting to see many of their reactions to any battlefield memories Harry may care to share. I guess I figure with them being such a targeted group, the order would feel an inevitably close connection to their fellow members, but until this point they have never had any reason to count Harry as one of their own. Watching the memories of someone who fought alongside them (albeit in an alternate universe) might just alter their perception on an unconscious level, especially if they find out exactly what Harry was doing the few months before coming to the past. I'm just speculating of course, but I can't wait to find out. James and Sirius seem determined to be critical though. Sirius has an excuse, but I can't figure out what James's deal is.

      It looks like Harry and Amelia are going to have a slightly better working relationship than Amelia and Bellatrix. I'm looking forward to reading about their raids on the DEs. Speaking of working relationships, Sidra working for Bella was interesting, especially now that Sidra knows Bella is actually younger than her. I had to laugh at that. I did notice it lined up some common ground between Sidra and Draco so I'm looking forward to seeing how that meeting turns out.

      The other thing that caught my eye was the horcrux thing. You mentioned something about Harry feeling like he should be able to figure out what it has been changed to, but it's like he's missed a clue somewhere, so now I feel exactly the same... as if you've put a clue in previous chapters but I can't for the life of me think what else Voldemort would use. Well... I guess you couldn't make it TOO easy for Harry and Bella to take Tom out.

      I kind of hate to ask this because of how much I hate to be asked so I apologise in advance, but do you have an eta for the next chapter by any chance? I'm REALLY eager for the memory scene and how that may affect anything between Harry and the Order. Thanks again for the update.

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