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243RE: Delenda Est Sequel?

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  • roberttedders
    Sep 10 8:27 AM

      Hi. O.K., so let me get this straight; you're suffering WB on the Harry/Helena story so it's on hold for now? Also, I thought that in 'DE', they are still in the AU 'verse, but just went forward in time and ended up buying the flat above the shops where they've been for a while now; are you saying you'll be having him return to the canon 'verse? But what will that do? Bellatrix is already dead and if Voldemort gets his way, Harry won't be far behind.....

      --- In delendaest@yahoogroups.com, <lordsilvere@...> wrote:

      Your points are valid, but I'm afraid that weaving the romantic subplot in is a large portion of the fun and challenge for me. I couldn't possibly not do it.


      On Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 7:59 PM, Nicol Miller <nicol.diresquirrel@...> wrote:

      What about no ships other than those that already exist in DE?

      Some of the best fics out there don't have any romantic subplot and I almost feel it would get in the way of the intrigue.

      What you could do is instead of a romantic subplot, have a familial subplot.  This is canon Harry and he's in a world where his parents are alive, sort of, though they aren't really his parents and much older than they would be in his world, but also a free Sirius.  You could even have Harry and Bella's kids treating canon-Harry as a sort of little brother.

      Harry starts to feel like he belongs, but at the same time he doesn't.  This could especially work in a post OOTP story as he just lost Sirius.

      On Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 11:18 AM, Lord Silvere <lordsilvere@...> wrote:

      At this point, I can still use thoughts or concerns, but I've pretty much got a plot. What I could really use is input on what it will ship. It would be weird and difficult to pull off having canon Harry hookup with another Bellatrix. I am leaning towards Harry/Ginny because that was what I wrote before relaunching myself as Lord Silvere. If you don't like H/G, here is your chance to float a proposal for a different romantic interest.


      -- DireSquirrel
      -- Nicol Miller

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