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240Re: [DelendaEst] RE: Delenda Est Sequel?

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  • Lord Silvere
    Sep 9, 2013
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      I instant messaged with someone last night and talked about where the sequel might go, and how. Basically, it would launch from the POV of a Harry in a canon, post-GoF world. It leads him and some friends into the Delenda Est world via some cross-dimensional travel--back and forth. Not just one trip at the beginning and one at the end.

      He then said, something along the line of me needing to come up with something more compelling than the shock value of canon chars seeing the DE world. I said, well, here's what I could offer: (1) Some political intrigue between the governments of the two dimensions, (2) a romantic subplot for the canon world Harry, (3) war against not one, but two Voldemorts, (4) hopefully some comedy with Harry and Bellatrix's daughters, (5) furtherance of H/B romance, etc.

      We got to talking some more, and I started to like the idea more and more. I was feeling more excitement for this than the H/Helena fic. With H/Hel, I've been struggling for an ending. On this new idea, the ending and the plot structure jumped into place very easily. It really builds on the DE world, progresses naturally, etc.

      So, I've decided to shelve the Harry/Helena story in favor of this sequel story.

      And so, relatively shortly after I complete Delenda Est, I will launch its sequel, Para Bellum.

      At this point, I can still use thoughts or concerns, but I've pretty much got a plot. What I could really use is input on what it will ship. It would be weird and difficult to pull off having canon Harry hookup with another Bellatrix. I am leaning towards Harry/Ginny because that was what I wrote before relaunching myself as Lord Silvere. If you don't like H/G, here is your chance to float a proposal for a different romantic interest.

      All the best,


      On Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 8:26 AM, <roberttedders@...> wrote:

       Hi. I can't really think of anything at the moment, but I'll go re-read Delenda Est and try and think of some suggestions. Is your Harry/Helena fic(Ravenclaw, right?) to be the sequel to  Delenda Est, or will Delenda Est have it's own sequel?

      --- In DelendaEst@yahoogroups.com, <delendaest@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      As I've been writing the final portions of Delenda Est and thinking about my tentative plans to write the Harry/Helena fic that I've spent some time plotting, I've found myself thinking more and more about the sorts of adventures that would happen if the inhabitants of another HP dimension found themselves interacting in a world where Bellatrix Black is the Minister of Magic, Hermione is the Headmistress of Hogwarts, and where all sorts of time travel and dimension travel is possible.

      Do any of you have any thoughts or suggestions?

      It seems like it would be best to have the Harry of this other dimension star as the main character. He would probably interact with H/B's children, his own friends, etc. Also, the adults from both worlds would be involved. I'm also thinking maybe an H/G pairing to run parallel to the H/B pairing of the DE world.

      Any comments?

      For those wondering about the next chapter, progress is slow. It's about 2,500 words. Part of the problem is that I never daydreamed about the final fight between Harry and Voldemort. Another part is that I get depressed at the thought of ending it. My goal is to complete DE in time for its 4th anniversary.


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