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Re: DSI2 Back focus ?

Your welcome... On Sun, Mar 5, 2017 at 12:19 PM, CAROL BROWN stephen.brown23@... ... -- *Michel Arsenaulthttp://ccddslrimaging.weebly.com/
Mitch Arsenault
Mar 5

Re: DSI2 Back focus ?

Thats ok, very good. I have the DSI2 colour that is why I switched to the ZWOASI120MM for black and white the DSI gave me problems with the 3 peaks for R G and
Mar 5

Re: DSI2 Back focus ?

I love my DSI PRO II mono, its very good at QE (72%) sensitive ...even if the FOV , image scale is small... i use Nebulosity3 with the DSI, some ppl use Maxim
Mitch Arsenault
Mar 5

Re: DSI2 Back focus ?

No problem, sorry for miss spelling your name at the start Stephen... :( On Sun, Mar 5, 2017 at 11:23 AM, 'Stephen Brown' stephen.brown23@...
Mitch Arsenault
Mar 5

Re: DSI2 Back focus ?

Thanks for your trouble, I still think the DSI2 is great as long as you use the Meade software. And do dark frames. Steve. From:
Stephen Brown
Mar 5

Re: DSI2 Back focus ?

tephen: the back focus distance from the T-Thread mounting surface to the Meade DSI PRO II CCD surface is 24 mm. This distance is needed when setting up the
Mitch Arsenault
Mar 5

Re: DSI2 Back focus ?

Let me go through my notes and get right back to you.... Mitch On Sun, Mar 5, 2017 at 10:53 AM, 'Stephen Brown' stephen.brown23@...
Mitch Arsenault
Mar 5

Re: DSI2 Back focus ?

Hello there, No But I managed to get a good selection of T2 spacers but never tried it but I did make a bracket to mount the DSI2 on my EQ5 Synscan. With an
Stephen Brown
Mar 5

Re: DSI2 Back focus ?

Did you find out the distance?
Mar 4

DSI II pro vs DSI III pro

Hi, I'm Javier from Spain. I have some questions about de DSI II pro vs DSI III pro, because I have readed some review on internet (sorry, I don't remember the
Feb 17

DSI2 Back focus ?

Can anyone tell me the back focus distance of a Meade DSI2 colour camera. I am tiring to calculate the setup on my Celestron C8 SCT using a Star Analyser 100
Jul 27, 2016

Re: I found it!

Looks like spam to me. Don't click on the link. John ... From: larry@... [Deep-Sky-Imager] To: DebtConsolidation
May 22, 2016

I found it!

Hey, I think I've found the thing you were looking for, just take a look here Sincerely, larry@...
May 22, 2016

Meade Envisage version 4.0 or Autostarsuite 3.18

Anyone know where I can download or can pass the software Meade Envisage version 4.0 or Autostarsuite 3.18 I have windows 7 professional 64 bit, but I think
Mar 31, 2016

Fw: new important message

Hello! New message, please read larry@...
Feb 4, 2016
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