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7394C-SPAN AND YOUTH: Fwd: Watch StudentCam Winners on C-SPAN

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  • CStevenson/Geotrees.com
    Apr 1, 2014
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      C-SPAN AND YOUTH: Fwd: Watch StudentCam Winners on C-SPAN

      Tuesday, April 1, 2014  *  Metro Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland

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      Subject: Watch StudentCam Winners on C-SPAN

      Special Alert for March 31, 2014

      Watch StudentCam Winning Videos on C-SPAN!



      Earlier this month, C-SPAN announced the winners of the 2014 StudentCam video documentary competition. This year's theme was "A Message to Congress," and the winning videos looked at dozens of diverse topics, including the economy, gun control, and education. Find out what the winning students had to say in their videos airing in April. Each weekday at 6:50 am ET on C-SPAN, you'll see a new winning video.
      Watch the top 21 videos on C-SPAN, and you can also see them and all of the other winning videos online anytime at www.studentcam.org.


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