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Fw: May 14, 2010

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  • danielle scroggins
    We ve had a great time picking blueberries the past couple of years, and plan to do it again this june-here s the info just fyi.  :) Danielle ... From:
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      We've had a great time picking blueberries the past couple of years, and plan to do it again this june-here's the info just fyi.  :)

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      Trouble reading this newsletter? Go Online at www.txberry.com/news

      Berries, Berries, and More Berries!

      We just continue to be in awe of the amount of blueberries that are coming in!  Since this is our first season we are giddy to see the blueberries and blackberries forming on the bushes.  And not just the berries, but the other fruit we have on the farm.  Maybe it's the excitement of spring and all the blooms on the trees and bushes, or maybe it's just the excitement of this family from the city experiencing life in the country! Either way, what a marvelous time it's been!
      We're keeping a close eye on the berries and are still expecting an early June opening. When the berries are ready for picking we'll be open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8 am to 3 pm and Saturday and Sunday 8am to 3pm. We have updated our event calendar on the website, so check it out at
      www.txberry.com.calendar.html.  We're looking forward to having some favorite guests and activities back for another season.
      The mayhaws are coming in nicely and are ready for picking. Those beautiful, bright red berries are great for jellies and syrups!  Call us at 903.564.6228 to schedule a time to pick your mayhaws. Don't forget, you'll be getting them from the ground, although we'll let you shake the trees. Hee hee...

      New Kid on the Block

      Another voice for the newsletter here!  This is Gaela Renee, Jeannie's 'little' sister.  Don't let the 'little' deceive you though,  we're both old enough to remember when Pluto was considered a planet and when leggings were a hot fashion trend the first time around! A little fun fact about us is that we are 7 years, 7 months and 7 days apart and we think that's pretty lucky! Our mother probably didn't find it so lucky all the time with our very different personalities and stages of adolescence! However our opposite personalities and our similar values have made our current relationship the wonderful blessing it is!  I can't imagine not being part of her and Erick's adventure with Bailey's Berry Patch.  We are passionate about our family and want to provide a place where you can bring your family to create special memories of your own.
      While I may be a new voice to the newsletter, I am not a new voice for Bailey's Berry Patch.  I've had the fun task of maintaining our facebook page.  You know you have a great job when you can play...er...work on facebook!  I have also had the pleasure of coordinating this summer's events and contacting the wonderful people who will be providing some of our Saturday entertainment.  Have I mentioned how excited we are!?

      Canned Goodness

      In our last newsletter Jeannie mentioned that we would be out at Perchaven Farm Day on May 1st. What a beautiful, perfect day it was to be out there! We set up shop, met some of you, and sold a lot of pickled asparagus!  I wasn't brave enough to try it, but I did taste some of our cherry butter.  Man oh man is that some good stuff!  No wonder it's Pearce Bailey's favorite!  If you haven't tried some of the preserves and pickled goods from our Country Store, stop whatever you're doing now and click on the link for our country store and go hog-wild!  You won't regret it.  Once you've discovered your new favorite, eaten an entire jar of apple butter, blueberry or blackberry jam, come see us in June to get some more! Well, that is if I haven't eaten it all first.

      Don't Forget!

      The U-pick season is about to be in full swing!  The Lavender Festival at Lavender Ridge Farms is May 29th through the 31st. I know I'll be there to stock up and to get some of their lavender honey chicken salad at the cafe.
      The U-Pick Trail Family Day is June 19th!  Along with
      Red River Peach Orchard and Lavender Ridge Farms we have planned special events to celebrate Fathers, Families, and Summer!



      And Now a Note From the Duartes

      I must tell you, that one of the highlights of being out at the Berry Patch is feeding the catfish. They have only just started coming out of hibernation because of the warmer weather. Did you know that catfish hibernate??? I didn't until I came out here. I may be a "grown up" but must admit that I get this goofy giggle that erupts when I'm watching those channel cats come up and slurp the pellets from the surface. I really get a charge when all I can see is their whiskers skimming the top. We have some turtles, too. Make sure you take a couple minutes to head down to the pond when you're out. We have a little food dispenser where you can buy pellets to throw out and watch the comedy routine. We won't even say anything if you don't have kids with you.    J                  


      Last, and Certainly Not Least, Recipes

      Alright, here's a simple recipe that requires very little mixing because you'll be using a mix. Try it, you'll love it...unless you're going to have a drug test, in which case you'll need to explain that you've been eating poppy seeds.
      HERE or on the Recipe Box for this week's recipes.

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