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888Re: [DecaturMomClub] Thursday Playgroup

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  • Melissa Howe
    Sep 24, 2010
      I love that you set this up. I'd love to meet some of the other moms on this group. Unfortunately, I work on Thursdays so won't be able to make it.

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      On Sep 23, 2010, at 8:41 PM, Melanie Snitker <melaniesnitker@...> wrote:


      Hi Valleri,

      Sorry I didn't get a chance to respond earlier to your e-mail. Thanks for setting this up and I hope that you all had a great time at the park. The weather is definitely great for it!

      We won't be able to make it as my son has speech and a preschool class Tuesday and Thursday mornings. But I know that we have a lot of new people in the group and I hope you can all start meeting there weekly!


      On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 2:02 PM, Valleri Sewell <valleri.sewell@...> wrote:

      I'd like to start a playgroup on Thursday mornings at Waggonner park in Decatur around 9:30. My son is 3 1/2 and daughter is 1 1/2. If you have kiddos around this age or are just eager to get out and meet some new people, please come join us. If the weather is bad, we could head to my house (302 S. Miller, Decatur) if the group isn't too big. If it's more than 8-10 people, we can meet at McDonald's. We'll be at the park starting tomorrow, and will try to keep it up each week. I have blonde hair, usually in a pony tail. We usually walk, so you can look for a gray stroller.
      Hope to see some new faces!
      Valleri Sewell
      (940) 231-5228

      P.S. I apologize if there's already a regular playgroup on this day/time. I wasn't aware of anything, and am just trying to get something going, since we seem to have several new members. :)

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