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  • http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/science/2015/04/creationist_cosmology_conflicts_with_astrobiology_extraterrestrial_life.html Sent from my phone
    Brass, Michael Apr 18
  • ...my phone Begin forwarded message: From: "Michael Sherrard, Faithful America" < mail@^$1 > Date: 15 April 2015 19:13:32 BST To: "Mike Brass" < michael.brass@^$2 > Subject: Following Jesus by blocking adoptions? Reply-To: "Michael Sherrard, Faithful America" < mail...
    Brass, Michael Apr 15
  • http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/apr/15/alzheimers-study-possible-cause-of-disease Sent from my phone
    Mike Brass Apr 15
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  • http://truth-out.org/news/item/29992-monsanto-is-in-hot-water-again Sent from my phone
    Mike Brass Apr 2
  • I need to read the Nature paper but my understanding is that isochron dates the formation of the rock or the minerals within (depending on which technique is used). I could be wrong as I need to read up more on it - been out of the Pliocene palaeoanthropologica developments too long. Sent from my phone > On 2 Apr 2015, at 16:15, David Windhorst dbwindhorst@^$1 [DebunkCreation...
    Mike Brass Apr 2
  • ...have changed because of the new form. If your main 1040 isn't changing because of the new form, you shouldn't have to refile that. Mike Torsberg -------------------------------------------- On Tue, 3/24/15, Lenny Flank lflank@^$1 [DebunkCreation] wrote: Subject...
    Mike Torsberg Mar 24
  • ________________________________ > From: "Mike Brass mike@^$1 [DebunkCreation]" > > >> Can't you just send in a copy of the correct statement before you get > the IRS response...
    Mike Brass Mar 24
  • > Yes, welcome to Flori-duh, where "science" and "learning" are > considered "liberal". These "conservatives" are dangerous radicals, not conservatives. What the hell is conservative about dismantling education.
    Mike Brass Mar 24
  • > Only in Rick Scott’s Florida can a man be deemed mentally unfit for > agreeing with 97% of the world’s scientists on the state of the Earth’s > climate. Unbelievable. How the heck is citing science bringing politics into the workplace...
    Mike Brass Mar 24
  • Can't you just send in a copy of the correct statement before you get the IRS response? Or phone them and inform them it is on the way? Sent from my phone On 23 Mar 2015, at 20:32, Lenny Flank lflank@^$1 [DebunkCreation] < DebunkCreation@^$2 > wrote: Got the letter from the Obamacare folks today informing me that the tax information they gave me before was wrong, and here is the...
    Mike Brass Mar 23