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Re: well, I'm still waiting . . . . .

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  • Brian van der Spuy
    [[[ From: suttkus@yahoo.com Subject: Re: well, I m still waiting . . . . . Ah, yes it is! This is like professional wrestling! Admittedly, it s spitballs vs.
    Message 1 of 132 , Dec 1, 2004
      [[[ From: suttkus@...
      Subject: Re: well, I'm still waiting . . . . .
      Ah, yes it is! This is like professional wrestling! Admittedly,
      it's spitballs vs. a tank, but just because the fight is fixed
      doesn't mean it doesn't have a cartoony entertainment value.]]]

      ---It reminds me more of the Jerry Springer show. ;-)

      [[[From: suttkus@...
      Subject: Re: On the flood
      The only other piece of information needed to account for the
      prevelance of flood myths is to realize that people really like
      living in the good soil found in flood plains.]]]

      ---It occurred to me some years ago that when you think about it,
      floods are just about the only major natural disasters that occur
      almost everywhere, occasionally even in deserts. So if there is
      really a prevalence of flood myths, that might be why. We would
      after all not expect to hear, say, volcano myths in areas where
      there no volcanoes. But flood myths do not really surprise me.

      [[[[ From: lflank@...
      Subject: Re: Re: Re: Hypothetical Questions
      Probably the same reason Ford keeps on selling cars despite how bad
      they are for people. People like them, and it's 'good for the
      Well that, of course, is equally as true for crack cocaine.

      ---Yep. Which suggests that perhaps somehow, sowewhere, someone is
      having an internal inconsistency... ;-)

      [[[From: "lflank" <lflank@...>
      Subject: Re: cartoon for Lenny
      Nevertheless, there are efforts being made in Nicaragua (and
      elsewhere) to commercially farm iguanas for food.]]]

      ---And just about time too. There is not really any particular
      reason for the current world domination of cattle, pigs and
      chickens. I would guess that domesticating an area's local life
      might in the long run be easier than bringing in foreign organisms.

      Perhaps it is time for Nicaraguan McDonald's outlets to create a
      McGuana burger? Or if they really want to be creative, they can call
      it the Big McTiamat.

      Around here, there is an ongoing project to farm cane rats (which
      are largish rodents, about the size of guinnea pigs.) Thus far they
      have had quite a bit of success. The animals are easy to raise,
      breed like rabbits, have lean, healthy meat and have been eaten by
      locals for ages anyway.
    • lflank@ij.net
      ... There is such a place. It s called a library . But creationists avoid it like vampires avoid Holy Water. ==========================================
      Message 132 of 132 , Dec 7, 2004
        On 7 Dec 2004 at 8:02, Ryan Sutter wrote:

        > BTW, if there were such a caring, sensitive, place for creationists to
        > come and actually learn stuff

        There is such a place. It's called a "library". But creationists
        avoid it like vampires avoid Holy Water.

        Lenny Flank
        "There are no loose threads in the web of life"

        Creation "Science" Debunked:

        My Reptile Page:
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