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Re: Job Vacancy that DebunkCreation Members Might Like to Apply For

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  • HumanCarol
    Does Roger or anyone else know the original source for this?
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 9, 2013
      Does Roger or anyone else know the original source for this?

      From 2008:

      --- In DebunkCreation@yahoogroups.com, "Roger Stanyard" <roger@...> wrote:
      > I just came across this:
      > Olde, Harrold and Nicholas, Recruitment Consultants and Head Hunters
      > Recruitment and Head Hunting firm, Messrs Olde, Harrold and Nicholas
      > are please to announce that we have been retained by Britain's world-
      > beating centre of scientific excellence, Answers in Genesis UK, to
      > fill the current vacancy of chief executive.
      > This UK subsidiary of a leading American producer of thermally
      > enhanced combined atmospheric gases is located on a prestigious
      > trading estate in the East Midlands. The position involves reporting
      > directly to the main terrestrial subsidiary and its agent on earth,
      > President Ken Ham. Answers in Genesis operates in the highly
      > competitive global market of making money.
      > You will be responsible for a substantial team of up to nearly two
      > non-practising world-class scientists as well as its charitable arm
      > for relieving the public of the considerable burden of having
      > excessive amounts of cash.
      > As Answers in Genesis is at the forefront of cutting-edge science, we
      > are seeking candidates with an outstanding and exemplary track record
      > in the natural sciences, outstanding communications skills and strong
      > conservative convictions.
      > You should be familiar with and extensively well-read in all aspects
      > of science, notably and exclusively the Bible, except the bit about
      > the ninth commandment. (Catholics need not apply.)
      > Knowledge of herpetology, particularly serpentes, and biochemistry
      > would be exceedingly useful. Candidates must demonstrate a proven
      > track record in research, testing, application and marketing of oil
      > and oil-based compounds derived from serpentes. Experience of use of
      > venom in an advanced primate environment would also be valuable,
      > especially where it could be applied to Creation Ministries
      > International.
      > We are particularly keen to interview candidates with experience of
      > producing science in challenging areas of controversy. You will be
      > required to produced a substantial list of precisely no published
      > peer reviewed scientific papers whatsoever and demonstrate a
      > successful career to date of being totally ignored by the entire
      > scientific community.
      > You will have earned or purchased your PhD from a leading
      > international university, such as the European Theological Seminary
      > or the Pacific International University. You must demonstrate that
      > your PhD has taken no less than 11 weeks to research and write up and
      > cost upwards of £500. The University must be recognised by Bryant and
      > May (USA) or any other leading vendor of packets of matches
      > advertising such institutions. You must demonstrate that your
      > research is original, such as showing it first appeared in Reader's
      > Digest or equivalent learned sources published by DC Thompson in
      > Dundee.
      > You must have experience of negotiating and presenting at the highest
      > levels of the international scientific and academic world, such as
      > Lisburn Town Council. You must be widely connected throughout the
      > scientific community, notably GCSE candidates (expected grades E and
      > F).
      > Past exposure to zoonotic neuroinvasive hydrophobia would be a
      > considerable advantage in the communicative skills required for the
      > position. An ability to call up bovine peristalsis in public debate
      > would also be highly useful. Fluency in both written and spoken
      > diarrheoa and an ability to verbally remove two of the rearward
      > appendages of Equus asinus are essential. Our client does not require
      > any knowledge of science, or anything else, in applying these skills.
      > Our client offers a highly competitive salary complete with fringe
      > benefits including free faith healing and life ever after in a warm,
      > welcoming environment operated by our subsidiary, Olde, Harrold and
      > Nicholas Retirement Homes (Underworld) PLC.
      > Answers in Genesis is an equal opportunities employer. No liberals,
      > women, gays, non-believers or anyone who knows what they are talking
      > about need apply.
    • Roger
      ... Yer, dreamed up by some dodgy Limey.
      Message 2 of 3 , Mar 9, 2013
        --- In DebunkCreation@yahoogroups.com, "HumanCarol" <humancarol@...> wrote:
        > Does Roger or anyone else know the original source for this?
        > From 2008:
        Yer, dreamed up by some dodgy Limey.
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