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19528Re: [DebunkCreation] Who is eating cud ?

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    Jun 26, 2001

      > Unfortunately his ideas on the habits of rabbits are simply wrong.
      > Rabbits are not ruminants. They do not eat regurgitated cud.
      > Instead, they eat their own shit, in order to re-process it and
      > extract the maximum food value from it.

      I know rabbits aren't ruminants. They don't, AFAIK, have "chambered"
      stomachs. And it didn't look like, from the description, they were "chewing
      cud". Now that you mention it, though, I remember reading, *somewhere* that
      rabbits and hares and possibly other lagomorphs and rodents(not the same
      thing, BTW), eat their own waste in order to extract nutrition. These were
      the "habits of rabbits" I was referring to.
      Anne G
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