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19512Re: [DebunkCreation] Who is eating cud ?

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    Jun 25, 2001

      For those who do not know, "coprophagy" refers to the practice of
      eating one's own shit in order to extract the maximum food value.

      The creationist hemming and hawing over coprophagy and cud-chewing does
      nothing but demonstrate their familiarity with another variety of shit.(!)

      Here are my  "thoughts" of this:  Rabbits do chew the cud

      Rabbits are herbivores, animals that need to digest cellulose. This is done
      in a huge cecum (the starting point of the large intestines and the appendix)
      where cellulose is stored and digested with the help of specific bacteria.
      They will re-eat the regurgitated material (cud) after a process of
      fermentation, to be further digested and absorbed. To a degree it also
      resupplies the bacterial colonies in the cecum and appendix that incite
      fermentation. For the same purpose they will sometimes also eat some of their
      own excrement's. Eating "cud" is not synonymous with eating "shit." In
      essence, most herbivores (re)-eat cud. Crophogagy is eating dung, (not
      nessaryly your own), Cropophilia is a marked interest in excrement for sexual
      excitement, not consumption.
      The above argument hinges upon the right interpretation of cud and excrement.

      Here are the pertinent passages from the bible: (Unfortunately, the Bible
      does not have it's animal biology straight), But that is a different subject.

      LEVITICUS 11:5
      .......and he rabbit, though it is bringing up the cud, yet the hoof it
      deviated not — unclean it [is] to you;

      DEUTERONOMY 14:4-7
      These are the beasts which ye shall eat: the ox the cheep and the goat.
      5. The hart and the roebuck.........
      6. And every beast that parted the hoof..........
      7  Only, this ye do not eat, of those bringing up the cud, and of those
      dividing the cloven hoof: the camel, and the hare, and the rabbit, for they
      are bringing up the cud but the hoof have not divided; unclean they [are] to

      Thanks for enlightening us (a) on the relevant passages in Leviticus and (b)the habits of rabbits.
      Anne G
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