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19509Re: [DebunkCreation] Who is eating cud ?

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  • lflank@ij.net
    Jun 24, 2001
      On 24 Jun 01, at 20:11, henryhanno@... wrote:

      > Here are my "thoughts" of this: Rabbits do chew the cud

      No, they don't. Cud is a product of ruminants. Ruminants hold
      their food in a chamber of their stomach, and vomit up this stored
      food ("cud") later for more processing. It's an adaptation that
      allows them to eat quickly and then retreat to a hiding spot to
      digest their food, thus minimizing their exposure to predators.

      > Rabbits are herbivores, animals that need to digest cellulose. This is
      > done in a huge cecum (the starting point of the large intestines and
      > the appendix) where cellulose is stored and digested with the help of
      > specific bacteria. They will re-eat the regurgitated material (cud)

      Rabbits do not eat cud or regurgitated material. Ruminants do
      that, and rabbits are not ruminants. Rabbits eat their shit, which
      still contains a lot of organic material that gets extratced as it
      passes through the gut a second time.

      Shit is not cud. Big difference.

      Eating "cud" is not
      > synonymous with eating "shit."

      That's right. Shit and cud are totally different. Rabbits eat shit.
      They do not eat cud.

      > Here are the pertinent passages from the bible: (Unfortunately, the
      > Bible does not have it's animal biology straight

      No kidding. It doesn't have much science straight. But this is all
      offtopic for this list.

      > LEVITICUS 11:5
      > .......and he rabbit, though it is bringing up the cud

      Rabbits do not "bring up cud".

      Only, this ye do not eat, of those
      > bringing up the cud, and of those dividing the cloven hoof: the camel,
      > and the hare, and the rabbit, for they are bringing up the cud

      Rabbits do not "bring up cud".

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