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Fwd: Intel notebooks for needy developers in developing countries

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  • प्रवीण् ए (Praveen A)
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2006

      --- Andreas Schuldei <andreas@...> wrote:

      > Intel is so generous to provide Debian with ten
      > notebooks (besides
      > some server hardware), which we would like to give
      > to developers
      > in developing countries who
      > - are technically able,
      > - are dedicated to Debian,
      > - would be able to contribute more/better to Debian
      > with this
      >   hardware
      > - would not be able to afford a computer, otherwise.
      > If you know such a person, please let me know ASAP.
      > I would like
      > to have recommendations from others about this
      > person and would
      > need a list of things that person works on in
      > Debian. Given the
      > thin web of trust in those parts of the world it
      > would not be
      > required for this person to be a Debian Developer,
      > eventhough it
      > would help.
      > The shipment would happen domestically, so no
      > customs would need
      > to be payed. Please provide the full shipping
      > address, along with
      > the recommendation.
      > If we receive more then ten recommendations (which i
      > hope for)
      > the Intel representative responsible for Debian
      > would select the
      > receipients of the notebooks.


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