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502Re: [DebianIndia] Re: Move to mailman hosted at Debian !

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  • Praveen A
    Jul 15, 1938
      2010/8/15 vivekvarghesecherian <vivekvarghesecherian@...>:
      > The purpose of the debian-india List should be as follows:
      > 1) Answer general Debian related queries both technical
      >   and licensing related queries.
      > 2) Mentoring new Indian Debian Contributers.
      > 3) Debian Indic Localisation.(What debian-in-workers is doing now).

      I agree with points 1 and 2. FOr point 3, we should continue
      debian-in-workers. Contributing to debian need not be only via Indic
      support or Indic packages. debian-india will be a gateway to debian
      for people from India, but debian-in-workers should remain as a
      pcakging team for Indic packages.

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